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Kim Mitchell Question


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As someone who really likes Max Webster, i have never heard Kim Mitchells solo shit, is it worth checking out? is it like Max Webster?

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'Akimbo Alogo' is one of my all time favourite albums and his whole discography offers up loads of great stuff. It is quite quirky in spots, (especially lyrically) like his Max days, but there is genuinely not one bad album amongst them all. The debut EP and Akimbo are probably the nearest to the old Max sound, (i'm thinking 'Universal Juveniles'  rather than the S/T or 'High Class' albums) but the influence is definitely there throughout   The new album  'The Big Fantasize' (his first  in 10 years) is fabulous too, although maybe a little too laid back for some tastes. Start with these and work your way through the rest


S/T (EP)

Akimbo Alogo

Shakin' Like a Human Being


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