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  1. If you are not familiar with Brian Island he is a fantastic AOR musician that got lost in the shuffle in 1989. He was a member of the band Prototype who had a handful of hit songs in the early 1980's. He also worked with QWest, White Wolf and early Boulevard, and Sting. I did a profile of his 1989 release on my podcast with a lot of people tuning in. It is a really interesting story. Self Produced, financed and promoted not a single label picked up the album. He sold the album directly to a record chain (Like HMV) called A&A records. The album was a huge success for an independent artist w
  2. it was only released in canada only on the charts for a few weeks. Shanghai is good. too late but big in japan!
  3. the solo stuff is a lot softer. his best harder album is "itch" in 1994.
  4. tom is a good friend of mine. he is really working hard on this project. very talented duo!
  5. i couldnt find his albums but i managed to find his greatest hits CD. great musician, in the veins of Jimmy Barnes with more pop elements.
  6. Most of my rarities are on vinyl: On vinyl: I have a copy of Kings'X's first band - "Sneak Preview" on LP - Apparently less than 300 copies are in existence. Most were destroyed since the band didnt like the final product. On Cd: Shanghai (1991) - Take another bite (Japanese pressing)- obscure hair metal band White heat (1989) - we never heard of you either Obscure AOR group from western canada - produced by gil moore of triumph - good group worrall (1991) - original pressing. produced by jim gaines (well known producer) from canada. aor mould. good group
  7. if i remember correctly when their first big release came out(same title) the lead singer won a local music award for vocals
  8. thanks man... ive met harry hess before... friend of mine was in the studio with him. nice guy.
  9. lmao - i have two bands i submitted. pale divine and ray lyell and the storm - cool story behind ray lyell. his producer sold the storm name to gregg rollie who released the storm in 1991.
  10. Interesting trivia about this band - Ray told me that his manager sold the name "The Storm" to Gregg Rollie when he formed the band - The Storm.
  11. Submited a release from Pale Divine in 1991. Features Richard Fortus who has been part Of Guns N Roses since 2002.
  12. Thank you! There are a few CDs I own that are not on this website. I will try to submit them when I got a moment.
  13. Hi Everyone, My name is Marcus and like everyone on here I also share the same passion like you for melodic AOR, hard rock and hair metal. My passion for this music extends across many albums, bands and songs into many obscure - limited exposure groups that I find in many places. I find there are many groups that have the talent, song writing and musicianship that whatever the cause of their limited exposure are always being discovered and shared by this fantastic community of music lovers. I have started my own podcast dedicated to promoting and talking about obscure groups you ma
  14. Here is Bryan's YouTube channel: He has a music video for the song "she's the type" in 1990. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdto-9XFIpLybI1oSsMjBtQ
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