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Hairband Spotify Playlist

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Hey!  Hope everybody is finding something to do while they are stuck at home haha.  I have been working awhile on a playlist and wanted to see if others had song suggestions for me that I may have missed?  What this is, is hairband/ or heavier aor etc but the main thing is, that it must be 1989 to 1995 or so... 

I find there are a ton of great songs/ bands I missed out on during the 80's and early 90's because they just got kicked off too late, right before grunge and the industry changed.  So of course I am talking about bands such as Tora Tora, Baton Rouge, Babylon A.D., Little Caesar, etc.  But older bands that have been around and still released albums during that time frame are ok too, for instance there were a few good Triumph songs from that era.  Just trying to find some more unearthed gems.  Anybody that wants to, feel free to follow the list if you like it, and I will add to it as I can.  Spotify username is 86waterpumper and playlist is called last of the mohicans, it should be public but below I will put the spotify url just in case...





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Nice playlist, it is pretty extensive, so apologies if I overlooked that you already have these included.  Just a few artists I think are worth checking out, if you haven't before.  If you don't like these particular songs I think the albums they are found on are good, so you might find a different track to your liking.  

Kane Roberts – Rebel Heart

Icon – A Far Cry

Cold Sweat - Take This Heart of Mine

Gotthard – Let It Be

Shotgun Messiah – Heartbreak Boulevard

McQueen Street – Only the Wind

Fifth Angel – Midnight Love

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  • My Little Pony

Just wondering why you choose a couple songs from an album, and not all the good songs from an album. Also, I see you picking one album from a band that falls in that timeframe, and not all the albums. How comprehensive do you want this playlist? 

Anyway, I see you have nothing from Transit, so you should add some from them. I know their albums are on the Spotifies.

Also, I wasn't aware the Brunette demos were on there, so that's good to know. 

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Hi thanks for the suggestions!  I love shotgun messiah, I believe when I made this playlist that their stuff was not available on spotify?  I see that is not the case now.  I love mcqueen street too, will check the others out today. 

With regards to the song choices, I sort of just randomly chose or added stuff as I listened.  I also did not really want more than say 5 or 6 songs from one band on there?  But you are right I probably have "worse" songs, from some bands while others from the same or other albums are better.  Give me some examples of what bands or songs you mean?  I appreciate all the help.




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