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  1. Hi thanks for the suggestions! I love shotgun messiah, I believe when I made this playlist that their stuff was not available on spotify? I see that is not the case now. I love mcqueen street too, will check the others out today. With regards to the song choices, I sort of just randomly chose or added stuff as I listened. I also did not really want more than say 5 or 6 songs from one band on there? But you are right I probably have "worse" songs, from some bands while others from the same or other albums are better. Give me some examples of what bands or songs you mean? I apprecia
  2. Hey! Hope everybody is finding something to do while they are stuck at home haha. I have been working awhile on a playlist and wanted to see if others had song suggestions for me that I may have missed? What this is, is hairband/ or heavier aor etc but the main thing is, that it must be 1989 to 1995 or so... I find there are a ton of great songs/ bands I missed out on during the 80's and early 90's because they just got kicked off too late, right before grunge and the industry changed. So of course I am talking about bands such as Tora Tora, Baton Rouge, Babylon A.D., Little Caesar,
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