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Boredom, and the things it drives us to


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Once again, bored beyond fucking comprehension, I decided to fire up a big ass bowl of trees tonight, I haven't smoked in 3 years, and this was medical grade shit, and I smoked it out of a bong, then a chick came over and smoked dab with me, right now I feel like im on acid, or in the movie Tron, I thought a good idea would be instead of Tron, have it say G-Off in that same branding, and like have it all be like it is normally, only G-Offs cock would look like it was in the movie Tron, anyways, I somehow started looking at porn, purely for attention reason, but I ended up on this site called Chaterbait, I'd heard of it, but until tonight I knew nothing about it, now listen to me people, if you haven't visited this site, and you plan on it, I recommend you do it stoned, so its like this site, were people basically service themselves, or each other, for money, now you can probably guess what some of these folks look like, I almost paid to get in, because as their doing despicable acts, you the viewer, and the other however many viewers, are watching, and typing shit onto the screen for the person to read, and your dropping tokens when they do something you like, it's basically a peep show on the internet, but heres were being ripped got me, I started actually reading the shit all these degenerates were typing into this one girl, and I lost my shit, I couldn't stop laughing, I could just imagine these dirty sleazy little fucking deviants jerking off typing in shit like, "Oh you'd fit well on my 9inch cock baby" and in another room it was a couple, they got good shit like "oh yeah suck his cock baby" and "let him sit on your face" "rub your titties until i finish jerking off" im sorry guys, reading shit like that, knowing these fags are fucking serious, I had to get on here, and encourage any of you who are up to it, go on there right now, start reading the shit these trolls are typing and see if you can keep it together, I am going to try tomorrow when im sober again, see if it has the same effect, and see if this that im typing makes any sense when I read it tomorrow.

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Sorry, it's still hilarious, LOL

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No shit, dude that sucks, try a tor browser 

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