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Pulse - Chasing Shadows (New release out 21-2-20)


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01. River Of Tears (3:41)
02. Broken Land (4:58)
03. Chasing Shadows (4:21)
04. Woman (5:52)
05. Hold Back The Rain (5:32)
06. Field Of Dreams (5:05)
07. Runaway (4:46)
08. Looking For Love (4:23)
09. One More Night (4:39)
10. Over My Shoulder (5:28)
11. Save Me (5:07)

Simon Abbotts - Vocals
Vince O'Regan - Guitar
Andy Pierce - Drums
Pete Betts - Bass
Irvin Parrat - Keyboards

Hear samples here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084DDWCPR/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp 




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10 hours ago, melodicrock said:

Shit production. What a shock!

"Shit" is an amazing compliment. You're far too generous. This sounds like a belted, decimated and beaten anus. I don't understand it. Does one person record this whole album and no one else ever hears it along the way? Does no one with a set of ears listen to what's going on and says, 'Uh, guys... this sounds fucking horrible. Can we, uh, do something about this?' Seriously, how many guys are involved in the process? How many people hear this before it's released to the public and how many people are there to say that something needs to change? I genuinely can't comprehend the steps involved in something that sounds like this being released. 

For the record, songs are pretty good. Vocals terrible. Production even worse. :(


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