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Donnie Vie versus Enuff Z'nuff


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This is taken directly from Donnie V's Facebook page; the grammar isn't the greatest, but you get the idea of what he's saying...


The band that is calling themselves enuff znuff ( chip znuff ,and 3 other ?'s) has stolen the trademark and brandname built on the songwriting,lyrics and vocal style of myself. & while i was in rehab getting my health together. Its been fashioned so that only they can use it .It was without some agreement made with me, so now basically th hey can work using my integrity and i cant. You can listen to the new record they released by thr name, and you can listen to mine and judge for yourself who did what. Also many low level business deals are being done with my songs and likeness without my knowledge. When i find out, they are to insignificant to justify the cost of legal rep. However they add up and are parlay'd into other assets, so its like kaundering money only with songs and reputation. And my songs and reputation. Im asking for your help to put an end to this. These jokers are misleading you to believe the wrapper of the candy bar you love contains that candy. But its a pile of dog shit inside. Its not enuff znuff. And if i wanted to i would use the name but i wouldnt because its not. However its pretty fucking close minus the bass and the clown. So wouldnt it only be fair to say that " You fucking Scumbags either pay me for what your stealing and conning people to believe its my thing, or go build your own thing on your own merits like i have"? Sorry to be so negative, but i wouldnt stand for anyone doing this to any of you! Also i wrote these songs for you, so they are fucking you too. 💋❤✌Donnie


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Like anyone really gives a shit.

I mean Chip has half the band name in his name.
Easy one would have been to call the band Chip ZNuff

Donnie left the band to do his solo thing, and they continued on without him when Johnny Monaco sung. 
That was like 20 years ago.
Is this just a really really really really late reaction from Doonie?

I really liked Donnie's latest and didn't hear the latest Enuff.
I'd be open to it but I guess I follow the voice.

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I get the emotion behind it, but that post isn't a good look. And yeah, *NOW* is when he's complaining about the band continuing on without him?

I wonder if his solo album isn't doing as well as he had hoped...

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Nothing wrong with the album.
But he's probably looking for reasons why it perhaps isn't doing well.
But that was pretty much Enuff Z nuff anyway right.

Will always go down by many as the best band not to really break big for whatever reasons.
Donnie is just carrying on th tradition.

Also, I smell a reunion.
"Hey, Chip, OK, let's do it, but we need to pump this up a bit, what do you think? maybe I come out and slam you to get the ball rolling and people talking?"

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Round 2 posted this morning:

After making the white album i bottomed out. I started making my own methamphetamine & eventually tried to kill myself. I ended up in a great program that helped me rebuild my life and deal with issues id had since a boy. Once i had finnished and found my spirit again and began writing new songs, i tried to post one and recieved a notice that i was violating trademark law and that i was no longer able to use the name i invested every drop of blood sweat and mostly tears into ( enuff znuff) i was devestated. The integrity of that name was built on my music, lyrics & voice. ( i say built on cause i dont assume credit for others hard work) but my contribution was exactly the same contribution that i contribute to my records now. You can hear any records with DonnieVie vs without ! Pretty clear cut n dry what i did in the band. But thats my best answer to your question about the ownership. There was no discussion, no agreement, no arrangement. Just took it and has been using it along with my songs to make a living, do business deals with, have a wonderful time and in my eyes desecrate. He never could have gotten a deal or done any business with the record he and his current band made, nor be on cruises and in posts from all around the world standing there with his big peice of shit human being of a gtrst, both looking like something the cat dragged OUT, and smiling and saying look at me and how wonderful this all is. Someone recently sent me a shitty movie trailor, where in it enuff znuff comes alive out of a poster, and its his big ridiculous looking ass, as you hear the juno 6 pad from fly high michelle starts, then swoosh it is fly high michelle. Im like WHAT THE FUCK? then.... my vocals were removed and replaced with that awful sound that comes out of his mouth. Now go look at the name on that song. Unless thats now also among the many he has added his name to. How can some of you still defend that? Would you defend him( friend or not) if it was you on my end of this shit stick?

Ya know what, ive got no secrets. Any pods or publications if you would like a nice juicy interview about deciebt and corruptions performed in the name of peace and brothery love, hit me up. ENOUGH ZNUFF

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Fuck, what a mess. What really bothers me about his tirade is that it sounds like he thinks he's still putting out quality music and Enuff Z' Nuff are not. 

Let's be clear. These guys - none of them - have released anything half decent since 1993. I don't listen to Vie's new stuff and say "zomfg, this is where the talent is at, and Enuff Z Nuff are shit without him."

Truth is, he could return to EZN and they would still be terrible, sadly. They're not the only band from the era it happened too. 

Anyway, I do feel bad if the other guys are using his songs for their gain and he gets nothing from it, but was he really as solely responsible for those tunes as he makes out? Genuine question. 

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For me Donnie is kicking EZN asses.
I need to track downa  couple of his solo albums, but I really like all of
Wrapped Around My Middle Finger
Just Enough!
Beautiful Things

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