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Goo Goo Dolls - Miracle Pill


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I thought this song and album was, sadly, rubbish... again. :( They have descended a long way in recent years. One might say, lol, they've gone a long way down. lol.

I was a big fan of these guys for a long while but this is two or three bad albums in a row without any hint that they'll turn it around. 

My favourite track on this new album was;


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Did anyone notice these guys released another new album? 

As expected, it's pretty weak and more proof of their solid decline. 


There is actually a good song on it. It's only one, but I kind of clapped and cheered when I heard this. I used to love these guys so much, and still love the albums I always loved from these guys but it's been some barren years.

It was good to hear them do what they used to do with great ease.




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