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Talisman - Never Die (a song for Marcel)


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Talisman reunite for song in memory of Marcel Jacob to be released incooperation with Suicide Zero organization! 

Talisman, the band founded and created by the late Marcel Jacob in 1989, have written, producedand recorded a new song entitled “Never Die (A Song for Marcel)” for their fallen brother who tookhis own life 10 years ago on July 21, 2009. 
Surviving members Jeff Scott Soto, Jamie Borger and Pontus Norgren penned the song as atribute to Jacob as well as the legacy of music they created from 1990 - 2007. The guys created the track to commemorate the 10 years of Jacob’s passing but conflicting schedules didn’t allow them to finish it before the end of the year. Rounding out the current line up who have done a handful of showstogether as Talisman since 2014 are Johan Niemann (Evergrey) on bass & BJ (SOTO) on keys/backing vocals.

Any and all proceeds from this recording will to go to suicide awareness.
This is a way to remember someone who took their own life but at the sametime increase knowledge about mental illness within the music industry.

You can donate through the Suicide Zero fundraising link: https://se.betternow.org/fundraisers/...

Talisman - Never Die (a song for Marcel) 
Written, produced and arranged by Jamie Borger, Pontus Norgren & Jeff Scott Soto

Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom (Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Opeth)

Digital Media: https://orcd.co/talisman

Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals
Jamie Borger – Drums
Pontus Norgren – Guitars
Johan Niemann – Bass
BJ – Backing Vocals/Keys




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