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Starmen - Welcome To My World


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For fans of KISS, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and more.

From FB:

Starmen (Sweden) was formed in 2018 and in the same year released the debut album "Kiss the sky". The idea was from the beginning to make a record that celebrated all the old heroes in the rock'n'roll sky such as Kiss, Whitesnake, Def leppard and more. When the tribes hailed over the record, the band got a bleed tooth and made a year later "Welcome to my world" (2019) where the band has now found more of their own ID in the music. The members all have a single color: silver, gold, red and purple and all wear makeup in the shape of a star. The band's members all have a long and solid music history behind them with past sins in bands like: Cleopatra, Poodles, Friends, Stolen Mondays among several.

Starmen Purple - lead guitar & vocals, Starmen Silver - drums & vocals, Starmen Red - rhythm guitar & vocals, Starmen Gold - bass & vocals




01. Dreaming
02. Electrified
03. Ready to give me your love
04. Mayday
05. Freewheelin'
06. Mission man
07. Evil
08. Stay the night
09. Face the truth
10. Rest in peace
11. Welcome to my world
12. Warrior
13. Freewheelin' (Remix)





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Fantastic band name.

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