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John Parr - The Minute I Saw You


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Great song. Right up my alley. From the 'Three Men And A Baby' soundtrack.




From John Parr's FB:

There was a looming deadline for the release of Three Men and a Baby. So much so that a motor bike courier was waiting in the studio reception to take the 5.1 Dolby mix of the title track ‘The Minute I Saw You’ to be dubbed into the movie that very same day. The clock was ticking..., the mix was finished and off the bike sped. Before the engineer stripped the mix I made a quick stereo mix just to cassette.....well the rest is history, the movie became a blockbuster, but the title song ‘The Minute I Saw You’ through contractual issues with my label was never released.... Years later Disney have decided that the song deserved its release, but of course records are stereo and they only had the 5.1 Dolby mix. Only my cassette existed of the stereo mix. So for weeks the engineers at Disney have persevered trying to remix the film version to match my stereo mix,. Well they made it, and so after 32 years ‘The Minute I Saw You’ will be released on Friday 9th August for all to hear!




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Speaking of John Parr... Does anyone know where to find the alternate version of ST. ELMO'S FIRE?

I heard it a couple years back on Sirius and it sounded like the studio version, but with dubbed-in audience "cheering" effects (to resemble a live recording).  

I cannot seem to find that version anywhere.  Help and thanks!

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On 8/31/2019 at 9:54 AM, gener8tr said:

American Anthem obscure?  Not for those of us who were the target audience in 1986.  The Andy Taylor track alone makes this a 100% MUST OWN for any 80's rock fan.  I purchased the cassette tape on day one. 

Wayne Gretzky's wife. Really good movie. Love these kinds of movies. Cutting Edge, Vision Quest etc.

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