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Glam/punk research help needed


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I'm posting this on behalf of someone who contacted me via email. If anyone has any ideas as to the identity of any of the mystery bands, I'd appreciate if we could help him out. Thanks! -Dan

Mi name is Nicolas. I'm a visual artist and researcher. I am trying to find the names of all the bands included in a work made by American Artist Richard Prince titled "Bitches and Bastards":


I have gathered most of the information I need, but still lack of four band names. In the picture below you can see what I have so far.

I would like to know if there is any chance that I can get any help from you or someone you might know that can help me with this research.


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Shit, he's got some obscure ones there - ones I've not even heard of. 

I really don't think top middle is Winger. Well, I dunno - maybe. Just not sure who the burly blonde is. Surely not Kip?

Those bottom three look so familiar but man this is hard. Third band on the second bottom row on the far right isn't Hurricane, is it?

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Man, I'm 100% sure I've seen and know those bottom two and it's doing my head in!!

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