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Family Rock Band Bringing Rock Back!!!!


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Hello everyone! You guys need to check this family band out!!! They are the future of rock and metal. The singer is 16 years old and her voice is unbelievable! The whole band will blow your mind.

Here is an original song from them:

and a cover song:

Follow them on social media and check out their website: http://www.liliacband.com

because they will be bringing rock n roll back to the masses!!! ROCK ON

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I've been following this band for a little over a year. Melody has a killer voice and the oldest siblings have some great talent. I do however question how much input the youngest 2 have in the actual recordings. Considering their father is a music producer, I assume he fills in the blanks


Their YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCristeas









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Its cute I guess. Not anything spectacular or groundbreaking or any other word for tide turning. Sure they can play and like the Jo Bro's or Hanson or even the Nelson Brothers or Wilson Phillips the family dangle is a nice gimmick.

I'd stop a minute if they were playing at the local mall, but only a minute...

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