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Hearing "our" music unexpectedly.

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Just had to share something that occured this week. I work in construction and a couple of days ago I went to get some lunch and when I returned and sat down I could hear Dokken's "Alone again" playing. One of the Sparkys was playing it and then proceeded to play Queensryche, Mötley, Ozzy, Whitesnake and many other classic tracks. It made my day. 

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Holy Diver on the car ad.
out of place and never a huge fan of the band or the song.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to hear my music make it to the radio non stop.

I remember when You Give Love went big and I already knew every word.
Same with Motley, Poison, Extreme, etc

Obviously not so much these days.

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Or that Polly seeking election to parliament using Twisted Sister song, quote " written this before Twisted Sister written their version ". What tosser.


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Ironically a small shop opened at my local shopping centre called Twisted Sista

Image result for knox city twisted sista

I took a pic (not the one above) and sent it to Dee when it opened a couple of years ago but he never replied. :(

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Once in a while, I get to hear 'Sweet Child O Mine' and 'Livin on A Prayer' in the radio or shopping mall, used to love it a lot then hate it when it's extremely overplayed everywhere but then love it again cause nowadays you rarely heard it in public :D

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