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The Hu - Yuve Yuve Yu


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50 minutes ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Trying to figure out what the song's about, though. 


It has been so long eating and drinking being merry How strange, How strange
Taking our Great Mongol ancestors names in vain How strange, how strange
Yet, would not honor our oath and destiny How strange, how strange
Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless? How strange, how strange

Hey you traitor! Kneel down!
Hey, Prophecies be declared!

You've born in ancestor’s fate yet Sleeping deeply, can't be awakened How strange, how strange
Blindly declaring that Only Mongols are the best How strange, how strange
Born to live as nobles Yet, can't unite as one How strange, how strange
Why is it difficult to rise up our nation up? How strange, how strange

Hey you traitor! Kneel down
Hey, Prophecies be declared!

Why it’s so hard to cherish the Ancestors' inherited land? How strange, how strange
Why priceless edifications of elders turning to ashes? How strange, how strange
With the future of eternal prosperity, The Wolf totemed Mongols have the blessings of Heaven
Born with undeniable fate to gather nations, the Lord Chinggis declares his name on earth. Would come back, Will come back

Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened
Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever

How strange, how strange

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This band has turned into one of my favorite recent discoveries, especially the collaborations they've done. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but personally I think it's fucking awesome. The collaboration versions are included on the deluxe version of their album "The Gereg" which just came out this week.



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