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LONDON - Call That Girl (2018-2019) (D'Priest)

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from the interwebz:

Hollywood glam rock pioneers LONDON featuring frontman Nadir D'Priest are releasing a new studio album, "Call That Girl". The recording marks the band's first studio LP since 1990's 'Playa Del Rock', which videos got strong MTV airplay.

"Call That Girl" was produced and written by Nadir D'Priest and includes contributions by old friends like Chuck Wright (QUIET RIOT), Teddy Andreadis (GUNS N' ROSES, ALICE COOPER), Jack Frost (SEVEN WITCHES), Alfredo Ballesteros (THE POINTER SISTERS), Eddie St. James (TRANCE, RICHARD GRIECO) and Shrapnel Records' own Mike Varney.

Mixed by famed Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), the album was presented / released Nov 2018 with a show at the Whiskey a Go-Go in Hollywood, however is not easy to find at regular retailers.

Founded by future Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx in 1978, LONDON is well known for its outlandish antics and over-the-top stage shows. This was featured prominently in "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years" film.

With previous members from bands such as GUNS N' ROSES, W.A.S.P. MÖTLEY CRÜE and CINDERELLA, the current lineup is four years strong, with D'Priest as the only original.

London's 'Playa Del Rock' is considered by many a US glam metal cult classic, and 28 years after, "Call That Girl", to my surprise sounds quite similar to that era.

I was expecting a raw, heavy n' dirty Rock music CD - to appeal a wide audience - however D'Priest opted to continue with that '80s sound, so kudos to him.

What we have here is a slick, polished collection of melodic hard rockers more in common with Autograph than anything else heavier or dirtier.

Opener 'Far Away' is one of my favorites including synths and 'that' compressed drums, followed by the catchy title track and its Sunset Strip feel all over.

'Reach Up to the Skies' comes out of the speakers like a lost Ratt tune, then the sleazy 'You Are Still the One for Me' bring to mind the band's 90s album.

There's more heavier moments in 'Metal Nations', but the sexy 'Next to Me' brings back the Hollywood swagger, 'Please Give Me a Kiss' has that mentioned late Autograph catchiness, while 'I Am Not Afraid' adds a bluesy touch and a sinister, horror atmosphere.

It's great to see another legendary '80s band back: for the most part, London's "Call That Girl" captures the '80s feel via catchy glammy metal tunes and the proper production sound akin that era.

They never were you typical Sunset Strip band, so expect a couple of twists here, yet overall this is is feel-good classic melodic hard from the Californian factory.

Highly Recommended

01 - Far Away
02 - Call That Girl
03 - I Fell in Love With a Rebel
04 - Reach Up to the Skies
05 - Metal Nations
06 - You Are Still the One for Me
07 - Next to Me
08 - Please Give Me a Kiss
09 - I Am Not Afraid
10 - Ayer Te Sone Aqui

Nadir D'Priest - Vocals
Alan Krigger (GIUFFRIA, IKE & TINA TURNER) - Drums
Eric Ragno (THE BABYS, JOE LYNN TURNER) - Keyboards
Billy the Fist (D'PRIEST) - Bass
Ronee Peña - Guitar


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Nice tip off. Not that hard to find, it's on Google play and will be my entertainment this afternoon. 

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Yes, thanks Alpha. I will also enjoy checking this one out. Hopefully it matches the quality of past efforts such as this.


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This really isn’t bad at all .Think I may even have got past the slightly annoying telephone in the title track. Lots of fun this album .



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Sounds really nice musically, but the vocals are a bit of a put off. That said, he was never a good vocalist but I still enjoyed the D'Priest album quite a lot. This'll surely be well worth a listen. 

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