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Crazy Lixx’s ‘Loud Minority’ album to be reissued


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Crazy Lixx’s ‘Loud Minority’ album to be reissued with bonus tracks via Frontiers Music Srl on Oct. 12th

Big news for Crazy Lixx as their Loud Minority album is getting reissued and remastered along with some bonus tracks for a release via Frontiers Music Srl on October 12, 2018 as reported by Roooar.

Crazy-Lixx-album-cover-1-e1530973237659.Track List for Crazy Lixx’s reissued Loud Minority:
01. Hell Or High Water
02. Dr Hollywood
03. Want It
04. Love On The Run
05. Make Ends Meet
06. Death Row
07. Heroes Are Forever
08. Do Or Die
09. Pure Desire
10. Boneyard
11. The Gambler
Bonus Tracks:
12. Bad In A Good Way
13. No Guts, No Glory
14. Do Or Die (pre-album single version from 2005)
15. Dr Hollywood (Country version, recorded with Andy Dawson & Edd Liam in 2013)
16. Death Row (from 1st demo recording 2003 – different arrangement from album version)
17. Bad In A Good Way (from 1st demo recording 2003)
18. Love On The Run (from 1st demo recording 2003 – different arrangement from album version)


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7 hours ago, tts42572 said:

Nice...never got this and wasn't going to pay crazy prices for it.  Will be picking this up for sure.

Yep! And I hope it's not a limited run, I've seen a lot of guys already say that they have the original but are going to buy this version also!!! Just leave a copy for me to buy please!?


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Even if I have the original Jap. version, Yeah I Want it, want it, want it that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ❤️

I prefer the demo version of Love on the Run. I cannot wait to listen to the remastered solo of Death Row... The original still brings herniated disc to this Apollonian body...


On the other hand, FR is usually cutting corners in projects like best of/ reissues...  :angry: (for example latest Primal Fear best of with minimal/crappy insert, Mark Free 2CD version etc)


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  • 4 months later...

I had never gotten this album and really never spent any time checking it out much in the past.

Digging the album quite a bit.  Really some good backing vocal and harmony type stuff on this album and now see how it perfectly led into New Religion.

For me this album might be third on my list of CL albums behind Ruff Justice and New Religion.  I'd put it ahead of Riot Avenue and the S/T.

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