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Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None


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Picked up the new album.
So far so good.
Some songs more radio friendly than usual. Bit toned down which I like.

They do ballads well.
My wife says some of the songs remind her of songs from her stupid TV series Nashville.
Usually she compared a lot of European hard rock to Eurovision lol








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10 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

Not for everyone


Yeah, a friend of mine is into them and played one of their albums awhile back and it didn't click for me.  I'm always willing to give bands a try a time or two, so figured I'd listen to these, but unfortunately same results.  Thanks for sharing though

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I heard Wrong Side Of Heaven and on the strength of that listened to more.
Happy to admit that it took some time.

One of those bands where a few listens is required.

From their catalogue I added 17 songs to my best of folder which isn't bad.

I do like the new album through.

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FFDP seem to be one of those bands that really do split opinion. I remember the hype when they came out, then after that all I remember was people slating them.

It's kinda like Nickleback where it pretty much becomes the "cool kid" thing to hate on them, regardless of how you feel.


All that said, I never really saw the appeal in them in the first place.


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Not my thing. I feel this belongs in "other" music thread not AOR/Hard Rock

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