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Man, I  love that Showhei Ohtani kiddo!  Will try to catch him live as much as I can!  Combining some great/rare capabilities since Babe Ruth, who eventually gave on pitching, but thus far this is not the case with Showhei.


He has worked out a schedule that allows him to do both. He pitches once a week, doesn't hit then, and he also rests the day before and the day after pitching. The other days he’s in the lineup as designated hitter, which keeps him off the field. Just being able to maintain this schedule for an entire season is a major experiment, but so far it’s working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Yeah, he adds some spice to an otherwise boring MLB season (my Phillies won't do jack shit, so there's no point paying attention).

It begs the question why we've never seen anyone else since Babe Ruth do this regularly. Certainly there have been athletic pitchers in the intervening 80 or so years.

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