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RIP David Cassidy


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US actor and singer David Cassidy, who found fame in The Partridge Family before going on to become a 1970s teen pop idol, has died aged 67.
"David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long," a family statement said.
He was admitted to hospital last week after suffering multiple organ failure.
Earlier this year the singer said he had dementia and would stop touring in order to "enjoy life".

He gave us a fantastic AOR album back in 1990 and well worth tracking down.





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Don't know much about the fella, but it sounds like he wasn't in a great place anymore. May he rest in peace. 

I have been seeking this album tonight but it seems very elusive. I'd love to hear it.  

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It was a different time. Many here are to young to remember or know David Cassidy. And many arent from the USA so they arent familiar with him either. He was a huge pop star in the 70s. And a television actor that had a huge fan following. He sold out stadiums and arenas and the women went wild for him. I was a fan of his and his "Partridge Family" back then in the 70s.( some of the best years of my life) But when I started getting into real rock I stopped listening. And even though I liked his music up thru the 80s and today, never really payed attention to it or listened to it much. It just wasnt my type any longer.

But David Cassidy was a "icon" back then and a cool guy. (I always want hair like his) LOL ;) His personal demons were his downfall, its too bad they were his ending. He will be missed by many. R.I.P. David thanks for the music & the memories.

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David Cassidy played a cool rocker guy named "Keith" who got all the girls.

As a decidedly uncool pre-teen whose name was also "Keith," seeing that kinda gave me hope. So David was OK in my book. 

R.I.P. sir. 

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