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Opinions - Shady Activity In The Neighborhood


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3 houses down from me went up for sale early this spring and was bought very quickly. Ever since these people have moved in, that house has had vehicles coming and going on a frequent basis, and most of the characters look like the typical druggie types. For the most part, I keep to myself, but all summer long, I've had cars pull up and park in front of my house (rain or shine), and the same lady walks all the way down the street to that house, goes up the driveway and into the garage where the bald neighbor guy sits in his barber type chair and waits. (He is a HELLA shady looking guy himself). She is in there less than 5 minutes and then back to the car in front of my house and they drive away. She comes many times and usually in different vehicles. I have 6 license plates and counting right now.

If that was your "friend" or relative, you'd pull up right in front of THEIR house or into their driveway. Not park down the street and walk 4 houses MULTIPLE times.


At first, I wasn't sure what to do. I'm a good upstanding citizen and I believe you report wrongdoings or crimes as it is your civil duty. I also believe in mind your own damn business. My 10 year old daughter said something one day about the weird lady who always has a car park in front of OUR house and why does she do that? How to lie my way out of that one... she doesn't need to know these things at 10 years old.


Well..... I had finally had enough and decided to do something. I walked outside to my driveway and the lady had already started walking down the street. She very paranoid-like kept looking back at me. I made it look like I was fussing with my car. She must have looked back at least 20 times. That doesn't look suspicious or anything... Anyway, I was leaning in my car finding whatever to grab and take out to make it look like I was ignoring her, meanwhile taking a picture of her and the cars license plate. I went in the house and she didn't come back out. The driver looked at a cell phone and took off down the street. Then I see her in the car on the street behind me. She ran out the back door of the neighbors house. Yep.... someone with something to hide wouldn't have to do that.


Over the next 3 weeks, I caught 6 license plates that the crackhead lady shows up in as well as 4 other cars that frequently come and go. I called the police and gave them the info as soon as I saw her pull up one day. She was in and gone before I ever saw a squad car. I called dispatch back and asked them why nobody showed up and she said that the only available car was 7 miles away... Wait.... we have 16k people in this town, over 30 ON-DUTY officers on at any given time and the only available unit is 7 miles away? I live in the MIDDLE of town!


Anywhooo.... an officer called me back 5 minutes later and I explained to him what I had witnessed over the last several weeks as well as since last spring. Basically, I got a "atta boy" and keep up the good work and call back if I notice anything weird. :doh:


Since then, I have called an additional 4 times and I eventually see a squad long after the crackhead lady or suspicious party disappears. I've even stayed on the phone with dispatch and given them play by play as to what's happening and which way the car ALWAYS goes after it leaves and still nothing.


While I have total respect for law enforcement, etc... Do the ones in my town just NOT want to do their job?!?!? How do I file a complaint without having to put my name out there and risk my families safety?



My question to everyone else is this:


Would you:


Continue to call and HOPE they finally do something?


Mind your own business?


Confront the driver and crackhead in front of MY house and tell them to take their business elsewhere?





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First off T that sucks.


Not sure the "right" thing to do, sounds like you have done a bunch and I would certainly keep up the vigilance. 


Have you any other neighbors that you can discuss this with?


Confronting the new neighbor is bad, it would just target you. Have you met the new neighbor? "Hi am your neighbor I brought brownies."


I don't think the police will do anything til its to late, meaning something bad will happen, either at that house or maybe even another home in the neighborhood (break in, vandalism, or worse).


Maybe you could try and discuss this stuff with a detective? Go into the station and lay all your intel out to the drug cops?


Keep us posted.

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47 minutes ago, T-BONE said:

Would you:


Continue to call and HOPE they finally do something?


Mind your own business?


Confront the driver and crackhead in front of MY house and tell them to take their business elsewhere?

None of the above, and ESPECIALLY not the last one. No good can come of that. What if they file a police report against YOU? You then have instantly lost all credibility with the police.

You have called the police multiple times. Now it is time to gather all your evidence and go into the police station and request to speak with someone face to face. Work your way up the food chain.

If there's any way to take video footage using your cellphone unobtrusively, video and audio provides much more context than still pictures. Footage of her coming down to meet the cars repeatedly, with timestamps, will give a better overall picture.

Do NOT confront the neighbors. Far more downside risk than the immediate gratification is worth.

As far as the police's response, they are stretched thin and thus far in your case no crime has actually occured for which a police report can be filed, only suspicion of crimes. They need to concentrate on higher priority needs. Sucks, but that's the way it is.

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  • My Little Pony

It's far too late to be the "good neighbour" and "welcome" them to the block without being suspicious. So don't even bother interacting with them. 

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On the plus side, I got a message back this morning from a friend of mine who is on the police force in town. He had seen that I have called in several times about this. He did some digging and he did confirm that names registered to the plates that I had given them are very familiar with the local police. And the address down the street from me is someone they are also familiar with. He thanked me and told me to keep taking pictures and possible video as it will help them down the road. There is a possibility that they haven't done anything yet because they are looking for the bigger fish. Also on the bright side, these are small time nobody's so I'm not too worried about big responses from them no matter what happens. The older bald guy who lives in the house is banned from several stores in my town because he has a kleptomaniac, and a relative who knows that family has said that the mother is a habitual liar so it sounds like I have an entire family full of winners down the street.


I need to move

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Nah.... They can stay. I've wanted to move to the north side of town for a while now. I don't really do anything IN town as it is and it's nothing but stop signs and traffic lights that hinder my drive to where I need to go anyway.


I grew up on the north side of my town. Less shady people and a LOT less traffic. I live next to a busy street and it drives me nuts. The houses in our neighborhood are way too close together and my welfare addicted next door neighbors are chimneys. We can barely open our windows on a nice day. It's not too bad of a neighborhood all in all, but a few bad eggs and downsides make me not want to be there anyway.

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Funny..... I've seen a slight increase in random police drive-by's in the last week. It usually results in the bald neighbor guy shutting his garage door within minutes..... Bwahahahahaha

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