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Striker - s/t


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Great new song.

From metalinsider.net:

Striker are currently one of the fastest growing metal acts in Canada. Their presence expanded since the release of their fifth studio album, Striker, which was released earlier this year via Record Breaking Records. They revive everything we love about heavy metal, mixing a fair blend of power, thrash and arguably, hair. Their live energy can be compared with other modern thrash acts such as Warbringer, and it’s what we need right now, in terms of new music.


Striker gained roughly 3,000 more fans when they embarked 70,000 Tons of Metal and have toured with Sonata Arctica in Europe. Now, the group are supporting Swedish metal titans, Dark Tranquillity for a North American run with Warbringer. To celebrate this trek, they unleashed a music video for “Former Glory,” taken from their latest effort, Striker.

The song re-awakens the classic heavy metal style, as the cutting-edge video continues to shred, making us eager to see them live on stage.










1. Former Glory 3:59
2. Pass Me By 3:33
3. Born To Lose 3:58
4. Cheating Death 0:53
5. Shadows In The Light 3:29
6. Rock The Night 4:30
7. Over The Top 4:38
8. Freedom’s Call 4:30
9. Curse of The Dead 3:49


Special Edition bonus track
10. Desire (Ozzy Osbourne cover) 5:27




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The production on this one does sound better than their prior releases. Pretty good album, but I prefer City of Gold and Stand In the Fire.


I've not heard 'City of Gold' but I thought their last album was significantly better than this. Massive hooks on that one. As you note, though, production is better this time around. Definitely not the songs, though, imo.


I'll be honest; no keepers on this new one that I have even bothered playing since I rated and discarded.

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