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This should harden a nipple or two around these parts as the band and the songs are most excellent. Just Like Heaven is a massive fluffy arena rocking ballad and then Reality Is As Prison is a complete 180 into power metal territory.


These Brazilians have been thumping about since 1997 and this is their 9th release and there is a macmillion clips on Youtube and their sites.





Another softer arena rocker from 2012:





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Musically I like it, at least the first track, but oy, those lyrics... Google Translate should have a writing credit on the album.


Haha! That was awesome. I actually really like the first tune, but yeah, the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous and make no sense at all. It's like they've just selected some English words they like the sound of and put them together in a song. Doesn't matter they make no sense... they just sound nice.


Hate the second song, and the third is okay, but again very poor lyrically.

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Yeah its a weird mix of styles. Not working for me. I do have a couple of albums by them tho....Buy couldn't tell you anything about them....

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