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From FB:

PLAYHOUSE formed in the mid 1980's.
Influenced by the big hair Rock Gods of that time, five high school friends wanted to play loud! They had one goal, to be the biggest GLAM HARD ROCK BAND to ever come out of CANADA. PLAYHOUSE released two records (1987 Little Monster) and (1989 Tongue, Tied & Twisted) and many demos. PLAYHOUSE was famous for their high energy theatrical shows, big chorus songs and their dedicated fan base, mostly compromised of female groupies. After 8 years in the ROCK n ROLL Circus the band split up!

2016 the band reunites with three new songs. New single "On Fire" to be released in September 2016. Full album and shows scheduled for 2017. Look out for our second single to be released in November 2016.

PLAYHOUSE resurrection 2016

Vocals: Peter Cat
Bass: Dee Williams
Guitars: KK
Guitars: Eric "Freak" Westergard

Former band members:
Drums: Sam "The Snake" Harrisson
Drums: Ian "Burn" Lauzon
Drums: Stephane Marchand



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It's not an amazing song, but their intention is clear and I like it. Dude's voice sounds a little shot, but I am still very interested. Has anyone heard their alleged first two releases?

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I searched the web quite a bit but came up with nothing. I'm curious too about their previous releases.


So we can basically rest assured tonight that PLAYHOUSE released two records (1987 Little Monster) and (1989 Tongue, Tied & Twisted) which were self-recorded in their garage, in tape format and recorded in one take for their friends and family.

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That was great! I have never heard of them either....and I am pretty deeply tapped into the Indie scene. I would hope that those tapes they made make their way to someone to see if they're good enough to release, perhaps? Might not be....but, hey.....some other bands have released poor quality stuff and sold a few copies. lol

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So after reaching out to the band the 2 releases were total indies, they have a picture of the cassette on their FB.


The band has reunited in 2016, recorded 3 new songs and are working on a package release for early next year which sounds like a mashup of the new songs, the old songs and a DVD, so a complete and sounding like a cool as fuck package.


I for one am loving the new songs and am thoroughly looking forward to this release...

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Nice! I don't have either!

Me neither and that is saying sumthin' if you don't Jim!



If we BOTH don't that's sayin' somethin'!! lol

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