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Been digging this latest LP from these Swedes The Last Band entitled Rats of Gothenburg since late last year. If you like your sleaze angry and heavy then TLB is for you.









"The Last Band from Gothenburg started making noise around the city at the beginning of 2011 and the word spread fast!
In 2012 the "Mean Machine" EP was released and by this time the band had been rocking out many venues and earned themselves the name of a damn good live act!
In December they won the biggest competition for unsigned hard rock bands in Sweden.
2013 was a hectic year for the band.
In June they released a 2-track single in Sweden Rock Magazine together with Jägermeister. Shortly after that they recorded a music video to that very single and also got to play Sweden Rock Festival and Metaltown.
By this time Nick (ex lead guitarist) felt that things were moving too fast and decided to quit and focus on his friends and family.
Chris then called his old friend, Alex, to see if he was up for the task. Alex was psyched about the idea and got on board the crazy train immediately.
In 2014 the band released a 2 track single during the spring and followed up with a music video to "Alcoholic Wastecult". In the summer they toured New York and managed to play 4 different venues. As the rumour of their wild live performance spread, the audience grew bigger each time. Online rock critics and photographers came along to every show and Dead Timez Magazine posted a full page interview with the band in one of their issues. They sure left their mark in the city before heading on home. Back home they kept working with their producer Henryk Lipp and at the end of the year they entered the studio once again to record their full length album."
2015's Rats of Gothenburg
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