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PEO - Welcome To The Party


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Out April 29th.



Pressrelease from AOR Heaven:


Peo Pettersson has been active in the music recording business since his teens and involved in over 250 recordings to this date. It would be just logic then that a solo album now would offer a lot of influences and a great variety of styles, but on “Welcome To The Party” we’ll once again get pure AOR/Melodic Rock – also due to the new collaboration with song-writer and guitarist Roger Ljunggren (T’Bell; Niva , Grand Illusion a.o).

The history of PEO started with the album “Look what I’ve started” back in 1995. After being in bands like Leviticus and Axia this was Peo Pettersson’s first solo effort where he teamed up with members from Masquerade , Niva and some other great musicians. This album in the meantime has become to be a sought after AOR /Melodic Rock classic release. Many years and many albums later, Peo now has hooked up with Roger Ljunggren to make an album filled with classic melodic rock inspired by the heroes of the past.

Peo took care of the vocal, bass and keyboard parts on this album, all guitars were played by Roger Ljunggren and drums by Tony Morra. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Peo Pettersson at POP Production Studios between October to December 2015.





1. Welcome To The Party

2. The Promise

3. You’ve Got It Going On

4. Coming Out

5. Break Another Heart

6. Sweet Dreams

7. Eilene

8. It’s All Coming Back To Me

9. Love A Woman

10. The Apple Of Temptation

11. Dangerous





'The Promise'


'Welcome To The Party'

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