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Desert Dragon


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"Desert Dragon is an Award-winning band from Los Angeles, California formed by guitarist Greg Patnode. The Band released their 2nd album, EP ‘DESOLATION’ officially on September 01, 2012 featuring Billboard charting singles “Darkness Shines” and “Miles Away” produced by the legendary Ron Nevison (Producer/Engineer for Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Faces, Heart, Lynyrd Skynyrd).

In 2014 the band opened for “Blue Oyster Cult” in Los Angeles, CA, January 2014, and were on a SXSW Tour (March 09 – March 16, 2014) with shows from Phoenix, AZ to Austin, TX for the SXSW Festival on Thurs., March 13, 2014. Desert Dragon then headed for a double back tour to Las Vegas on May 17, 2014 for a live show on the Rooftop at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and back to The House of Blues Sunset Strip for a Showcase Sunday, May 18, 2014.

In June 2014 the band split with their singer Ross and in July 2014 they signed ex-White Wizzard metal singer, Joseph Michael (WITHERFALL,MIDNIGHTREIGN,EX-WHITE WIZZARD) as their new lead vocalist. In Aug 2014 the band went into the studio in Los Angeles to mix their new album with James “Jimbo” Barton (Producer/Mixer for QUEENSRŸCHE, RUSH, ERIC CLAPTON, METALLICA). The result is Desert Dragons' most polished release to date "Before The Storm". The band has shifted its focus from Blues to Hard Rock and Psychedelia. This shift has given the band a new direction and they have even revamped some songs from their first album (“Take it Easy Now”, “Save My World”, and “Desert Horizons” ) to give them more hard rock content."

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The cover looks like Power metal.

Check out the first song Flying High. Cover be very deceiving. This is not for me....needs more metal! ;)

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First track is great, other two are horrible.


Yep..loved the first one then the other 2 made me not want to check out the rest of it.

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First track is great, other two are horrible.


Yep..loved the first one then the other 2 made me not want to check out the rest of it.


YEs as I was first placing the band info on the site I wrote to the first and fluffiest AOR fueled cut and then had to rethink my words as the others certainly skewed the opinion from the first video.


If they had others like number one, I would assume the disc would be a hit around these parts.

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    • Video for 'Love Gone Wild' coming this Friday.    
    • From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to present the sophomore album, "Elevate" from Brazilian melodic rockers Landfall. Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil, Landfall features singer Gui Oliver (ex-Auras), guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke, bassist Thiago Forbeci, and drummer Felipe Souzza. The band’s delightful Melodic Rock/AOR sound can best be described as falling somewhere between classic melodic rock, a là Journey, and slightly heavier influences, such as classic era Dokken, White Lion, and Extreme. With phenomenal musical and songwriting abilities and the golden voice of Oliver, Landfall is truly a welcome addition to the melodic rock genre. “This record definitely sums up the essence of who we are as a band. Being our second album, we were much more comfortable creating this music, so I think our personalities as musicians are even more apparent this time. As a group, we are currently living such a great moment and I think it has been reflected in our new music," says guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke. Lead singer and lyricist Gui Oliver believes that the new songs are stronger than ever and capture the best of each band member. “We know exactly what we want to say, the music we want to play. Also, Marcelo and Felipe were meticulous in every detail of the production creating a special atmosphere for the songs," he says. “In terms of writing and production, the entire process went smoothly, although we knew we would have a lot of work coming on our way. We did the whole piece in nine months. Even before we wrote the first seed of a song, we knew from the beginning what we should focus on and where to go. This makes a huge difference in the end. As we're self-producers, what you will listen to on the tracks is the exact way we want to sound. ‘Elevate’ is the LANDFALL's version 2.0. Powerful tones with well-built foundations and harmonies and really catchy melodies," says drummer Felipe Souzza. Landfall was originally formed by drummer Felipe Souzza and guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke, childhood friends who have been playing together since they were about 15 years old. Some years later, bassist Thiago Forbeci joined up with them and added new musical input and influences, at which point the band decided to go in a new direction. During this period, they released three independent albums under the name Wild Child, performing several concerts around Brazil, including opening for acts such as Glenn Hughes and Mike Vescera. Joined in 2017 by the former Auras singer Gui Oliver, Landfall began writing songs that would eventually become their first album released by Frontiers Records, “The Turning Point”. As a songwriter, Oliver had previously written songs for several artists from the label, including Jimi Jamison, Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, and Issa. About Landfall, he said “I was really glad to be back with Frontiers with a new band and new songs in a new perspective. When I met the guys for the first time, I was really impressed by what gifted musicians they were. I knew we could make some great music together." During the period between releasing "The Turning Point" and commencing work on their second album "Elevate", Marcelo Gelbcke, along with Semblant vocalist Sergio Mazul, wrote, produced, and recorded the first Icon of Sin album, a heavy metal tour de force featuring the incredibly talented Brazilian vocalist Raphael Mendes. As for Gui Oliver, he released the debut Mayank album together with Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline), Rolf Nordström (Perfect Plan), and Nicholas Papappico (Robin McAuley), another killer slice of melodic rock/AOR. Tracklisting: 1. Never Surrender 2. Two Strangers 3. Waterfall 4. Rescue Me 5. Heroes Are Forever 6. Elevate 7. Feels Like Summer 8. H.O.P.E. 9. Shadows Of Love 10. The Wind 11. Chance To Destiny Line-Up: Gui Oliver – Vocals Marcelo Gelbcke – Guitars Thiago Forbeci – Bass Felipe Souzza – Drums Links: https://www.facebook.com/landfallofficial    
    • A very good album IMHO! Martin and Marco are also involved in Nordic Hard Rock For Peace's song for Ukraine "Hellbound Train"! 
    • One thing that pisses me off about this album is the last cut, Neon... if I could have an entire album of this style, it would be superb IMO. As much as I dig their material, they are SOOO all over the map stylistically, and not all of it hits the mark, and this song proves that they are fully capable of melodic stuff.       That said, the latest vid they dropped last week is pretty cool:  
    • Better than i'd expected but still not what I remember Jaded Heart as  
    • Great album but for me TGRC pips it 
    • I’ll add … Tesla The Black Crowes Sixx A.M.
    • Listen to the full album:    
    • Won't camp outside spotify's HQ waiting for new music from the lads...   
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