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RUDE AWAKENING - S/T (1987/2015)


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from BANNED WEBSITE: http://BANNED WEBSITE.blogspot.com/2015/11/RUDE-AWAKENING-Rude-Awakening-2015-Beau-Hill-Synch-Life-By-Night-Bricklin.html


Produced by renowned '80s guru Beau Hill, Texans' RUDE AWAKENING self-titled CD is a throwback to an era when lovely melodies and catchy choruses where the motto in Rock music.


Rude Awakening was formed in Winnsboro, TX in 1985 and disbanded in 1989. Most of the members were prolific songwriters, but since they were teenagers never got signed to a record label, thus never released an official CD.


The idea behind this CD project and reuniting of band members (Jim Richey, Jeff Hamm, Kenny Swann and Jeffrey Galloway) came from an imaginary “what if…” scenario.


“What if Rude Awakening had been discovered and signed a record deal during their time as a band?” “Which original songs would have been used for the CD?" and "How would they have sounded in a professional recording studio with a big time producer?”


So even though this new CD was recorded in 2015, the attitude, songs, and image of the band are that from 1987.




Rude Awakening’s CD features 14 original songs akin the glory days of American radio-rock / poppy AOR and melodic rock.


This is simple and lovely at the same time; catchy tunes with feel-good melodies and sing-along choruses. Rude Awakening remind me Bricklin, The Synch, Life By Night, The City, etc... all that US bands with an indie charm.


However Rude Awakening is mostly guitar-driven, with extra keyboard embellishment and three-part backing vocals.


But the band are also capable to deliver ballads; “Goodbye” and “You Slipped Away” are in the power-ballad mould with a strong rock background, while “For Angie and “Traci” are softer with acoustics into the mix.






So if you like mid-80s American radio-rock / AOR / melodic rock with an indie spirit, Rude Awakening is for you and one for the collection.


Beau Hill provided a bright production, but respecting the band's origins and that 'indie feel' so Eighties by bands of this ilk.


Very Recommended.


01 - First Impression
02 - One More Cry
03 - For Angie
04 - All I Do (Is Think About You)
05 - Leather and Lace
06 - You Slipped Away
07 - Take Your Time
08 - Here We Go Again
09 - Traci
10 - Next Time
11 - 17
12 - When I Saw You
13 - Goodbye
14 - You Can Never Look Back


Jeffrey Galloway - vocals, bass
Kenny Swann - guitars, backing vocals
Jim Richey - drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Jeff Hamm - guitars, backing vocals


thanks to Alex !



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  • My Little Pony

Awfully amazing album cover, and now I'm fully erect. Anyone heard this yet (cant hear sample at work)



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Guest rocken91

I just bought this CD from CDBaby, but I also found all of the songs are on youtube and iTunes too. I just like CD's with the artwork etc. The music sounds good. It is the lighter side of 80's metal--more melodic rock. Has a Cheap Trick vibe to it mixed with old KISS. The singer sounds a little like Paul Stanley. The songs are very catchy--lots of hooks and there are four ballads on there: Two 80's style power ballads and two other more traditional ballads. Very impressed with the songs and hooks. I miss this style of music.

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