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Pyogenesis - A Century In The Curse Of Time

Dead Planet

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I've been a fan since Twinaleblood back in 1995.


They went back to a more metal sound after dipping heavily into the Punk/Power Pop sound.


I do admit I like it as well, nice return to form in a sense.

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I've had this one for over a month and with time this one has grown to be my favourite release of 2015.


It's heavy, doom, melodic, experimental and down right epic. The sound, look and theme of the release is super cool, very steam punk themed. The music is fantastic, the playing is top notch, the lyrics are strangely all about the industrial revolution (sort of a concept album). It also easily has one of the best drum sounds I've heard on an album in quite awhile. Flo V. Schwarz the man behind the project was a genius on this one.


It's not for everyone and not easy to digest in one sitting, but it's a grower and a grower in the good sense.


I may get growled at for saying this, but it's the Dark Side Of Moon for 2015.


I'd love to able to accurately describe the music and be able to compare it to other bands but I really can't...I guess I could say I hear some Type O Negative in there. Everything about them is unique and different.


Listen to the sample videos provided in the link above. They are a good indication of what is on the album.

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  • My Little Pony

How do you make music sound Steampunk? I'll definitely have to listen to this. I'm intrigued.

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The theme of the lyrics and look of the videos and artwork is very steam punk looking. Very 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

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The title, most probably, is a reference to the centennial of General Relativity.


Undecided on the music, they progressed clearly as musicians, and the mix bag of theirs sometimes works(great toons!), sometimes not.

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    • It is definitely flashdance. I can't unhear it now.
    • Everyone I have spoken to from cities are shitting themselves over this Omricon variant. I say to them "don't you want things to go back to normal?". But they really don't. They are loving living in a police state. I have spoken to a number of ex-prisoners as well who have similar thoughts about jail. I think a lot of people are wired to like having freedom and choice taken away from them. They enjoy having fewer options. It is bizarre to me.
    • the first song wasn't the clip I heard - this sound more promising to me https://www.facebook.com/100764135031478/posts/426269785814243/  
    • mmmm. Erik great, verses great, solo typical but still good, chorus suspect.  Am I the only one who hears Flashdance in the chorus 🤔 🤣🤣🤣
    • I am not here to convince any of you the Way. I believe everyone has the means and now makes their choice as per free will. Yet , isn't it amusing (well it is to me) how fundamentalist atheists are in their certainty. And I guess that is why you are so intolerant to other beliefs. There is no room for doubt in your minds. You feel you know all the answers and that there are no mysteries outside of your understanding. Though you are just a speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant and then believing that is the entire knowledge of the elephant. Good luck with that. 
    • Yeah, I mean that's a fair call. This is what people originally were concerned about and it's gradually happened and not many people have really noticed or cared. Tracking everyone everywhere they go. (if you scan in  )
    • I think generally that this new "threat" is being taken with a grain of salt. I'd like to think so anyway. Regardless, by the time we all say ENOUGH, the new powers put in place by ALL Governments and new "digital ID's" and tracking apps will be well established.  Well played, the powers that be, well played. 
    • New video for ”Lost In The Night”.    
    • I had a couple of videos recommended on youtube today so I looked at them. One was an interview with the doctor in South Africa who "discovered" and diagnosed the new variant, and she spent the entire interview saying how mild it was, and that the patients hadn't even actually shown any symptoms with the variant. The other video I watched was a mainstream, panic-endorsed media interview with two "top doctors" who both said that if this variant is as mild as suggested it is actually better to let it spread and become the dominant strain of covid.  The problem is, that around these two things, as soon as the hosts/reporters start talking, they're back in full panic mode, asking if borders should be shut, countries locked and doing their best and hardest to make sure that panic and hysteria is returned as soon as humanly possible.  So I want to know when a law can be passed where people in public positions that spread panic can be shot on the spot. That's my ideal wish, but in the real world of 2021, when are these panic merchants going to be stood down from their positions? It seems like this new variant is absolutely nothing at all that anyone anywhere should be worried about, and if you believe the "top doctors," spreading it should be embraced. So how does this whole panic hysteria storm get whipped up in the space of a few days? And why aren't people being held accountable for whipping up this madness and stopping actual life from ever continuing again?   For anyone interested, the two clips I saw were these-  
    • Can't you see that you're lost without him?      
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