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Geoff New band to check out called The Radio Sun


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And anyone else who are into more modern melodic sounding shit, go check this band out, I will try to put some songs on Youtube, I dont have time right now, and you guys can easily beat me to it, so go check out the song Dont Judge a book By Its Cover, right now.. Go!!

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OK I Lied, I had to go make a quick vid of this song, check it out.



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Yeah mate, good disc from an Aussie band. Produced by Paul Laine, if memory serves. Very nice debut, and yeah, I'm looking forward to album two, which I believe was already in the works.

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Jase used/still sing in front of Safire, Steve plays in Black Majesty on side.

They were previously know as Square One. Their next cd is gonna have Paul Laine mixing again. They got an Ep, just come out check their facebook page to purchase a copy.

Off stage these guys are most down earth guys you meet.

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