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AOR - Return To L.A.


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I thought I had started a thread already but couldn't find it. Nevermind.




Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back March 23rd with album n° 14th bringing AOR to new heights with the help of legendaries producers Paul Sabu & Tommy Denander. The new AOR album is called "Return To L.A" and features some legendary singers like Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Tommy Funderburk (King Of Hearts, Airplay), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso, Bob Harris (Axe, Steve Vai), Erika (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets) & many more."Return To L.A" is for fans of the heavier side of AOR in the vein of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant, Journey & Toto. An Aor dream for Melodic Rock lovers ! Not to be missed !







1. Victim Of My Own Desire

2. The Trail To Your Heart

3. Dangerous To Know

4. Angels Never Sleep

5. Burning Rainbows

6. The Sign Of Fire

7. The Breaking Point

8. 99 Percent Chance Of Loving You

9. Love Remains The Same

10. The Wisdom Of Eve



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Love me some Paul Sabu.


On the second listen and there are some fine tunes in here. He does sound a little in pain during Victim of my own desire at times though!


Fave so far 99 percent chance of loving you. One he's not singing on, mind.

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How many times have they returned to L.A.? Why don't they just fucking stay there!? Seriously though what's with the soundalike album names...it's just damn confusing.

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Love me some Paul Sabu.



Really??? I think I would call him the worst vocalist in "our music" at the moment. He sounds absolutely dreadful, and has since about 1995. Truly horrific voice, and a guarantee to ruin an otherwise good song.

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The same problem here that has blighted the last few AOR discs...the choice of some of the vocalists. I really like the Erika track 'Burning Rainbows' and the Rick Riso, Tommy Funderburk and Jesse Damon sung tracks are all ok too. It's when the old boys Paul Sabu and Bob Harris start singing that it goes a bit off the rails a bit. To be honest, all the songs are ok on here, some are very good, but it's when these 2 start croaking that you find yourself reaching for the skip button, which is a shame, as obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into this. It's far from being bad, but a wiser choice of vocalists next time (probably about 6 months such is the frequency between these albums it seems) would really boost the quality of this projects releases.

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So having given this enough of a go to be fair it's not really holding up.


99 Percent Chance of Loving You a good track. Rest really not grabbed me.


I shall add that one track to my tracks of the year list and move on to something better.



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