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Sonic Divide - s/t


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I like this...

From FB:

Sonic Divide is a band based in Adelaide Australia. Their style is a mixture of melodic rock blended with some funky grooves. Debut album out now!

Sonic Divide was first conceived when Wayne Holden, Andy Young and Glenn Johnson decided that it had been too many years sin
ce they played music for its enjoyment. In a relatively small city like Adelaide in South Australia, it was very easy to call on other musicians they had played with in the past, to help contribute to the occasional jam session.

Ian Slade soon jumped on board and eventually Steve Pirie and Evan Johnson completed the line up. What started out as simply six mates having fun by jamming together on songs they all knew, soon evolved into a writing project, when the guys started bringing tunes that they had been working on individually, to the whole band. At this point Sonic Divide knew they were definitely onto something special.

The demos of their original songs soon caught the ear of well known Adelaide producer/engineer Darren Mullan, and as a result, Sonic Divide entered the studio in early 2013 under Darren's expert guidance to record nine of their original songs, with a view to independently releasing an album before the end of the year. The album was completed in late October 2013, and is now available online at various music sellers including iTunes and CD Baby.



The band:

Wayne Holden
Glenn Johnson
Ian Slade
Steve Pirie
Evan Johnson
Andy Young










  1. So In Love
  2. Driven
  3. I Wonder
  4. When The Morning Comes
  5. Too Much
  6. Shattered Fortress
  7. Stepping Stone
  8. The Healing
  9. Horizon

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Okay, so it looks like everyone in Adelaide is actually in this band. With that in mind, Lindsay, can you hook me up with a cheap copy of your band's CD?


Sounds okay, I guess. not sure I'd pursue it, though.

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I quite like this....




Let that be your first post in 15 years.


Please erase it.

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