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BABYLON A.D. - Live @ XXV (2015)


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Babylon A.D. will release their new live CD Live@XXV on March 15th. The new live CD is being released in celebration with the bands 25 Year Anniversary of their first self-titled release Babylon A.D. on Arista Records. Songs from all of their previous releases from Arista and Apocalypse Records are represented.

The album includes their top ten rock radio classic hits, “Hammer Swings Down”, “Bang Go The Bells”, “Kid Goes Wild”, “Bad Blood”, along with standouts “Shot of Love, “Desperate”, “Sinking In The Sand” and an angst driven rendition of Montrose’s, “Rock The Nation”. The thirteen hard rocking metal tunes on Live@XXV showcases the high-energy and powerful live concerts that Babylon A.D. is known to deliver to their fans.


Live@XXV follows the 2014 release of the four song EP Lost Sessions /Fresno, CA 93. 2014 also experienced the band play several concert festival dates; most notably, Firefest The Final Fling Rock Festival in Nottingham, UK and Rock N’ Skull 2014 in Chicago along with several other high profile shows across the US.

In 2015 Babylon A.D. is once again on the move with upcoming record release parties in Salt Lake City, March 20th and Las Vegas, March 21st. B.A.D. has also been invited to play the very prestigious Monsters of Rock Cruise. The MOR Cruise held April 18th - April 22nd, in Nassau Bahamas, will feature San Francisco’s Bay Area favorites; Y&T, Night Ranger and Tesla along with many of the biggest bands of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s hard rock hair nation genre.

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I saw them live in late 2014 and man they bring it.


Do they have any live DVD's? I need to do a search on that. I don't watch a lot of live DVD's but I would watch their DVD probably more than once.

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Completely uninterested. Where's some new material?


yeah I wouldnt buy it or anything, just providing an opinion if anyone was considering seeing them live.

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Didn't they release a live album recently? Like late 2000's? I think it was called In Your Face.


Anyway, here is the new live disc's tracklist:


1. Back in Babylon
2. Hammer Swings Down
3. Shot of Love
4. Sinking in the Sand
5. Bang Go the Bells
6. Maryanne
7. Bad Blood
8. Love Blind
9. Sally Danced
10. Desperate
11. Kid Goes Wild
12. Rock the Nation
13. Lights Out London
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When I saw them live I had the opportunity to speak with Derek Davis after the show. I asked about new material in the future. He said with families, jobs, etc. there has not been a lot of time to put together new material. He mentioned this live disc and they try to get a few shows in during 2015.


So, not a lot of good news there from a new material perspective....get out to see them live though.

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Their best song, Take The Dog Off The Chain is missing :(
So is American Blitzkrieg which I'm sure most hate here, but I think is great.

So Savage The Heart?

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