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Couldn't They Have At Least Gotten A Singer With Talent?


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I've never heard of this Jim Crean they have singing on this, but boy, does he suck big time. They puff him up on their website like he's some local legand where he's from, but holy crap, he ain't fit to carry Dio's mic stand. They must've had $1.98 left in the budget before they hired this guy.


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The recording/mix is so bad you can't really tell how good or bad his voice really is.


I will say though that getting Sam Kinison to front the band was a major coup... I thought he was dead.


P.S. The crowd of 12 looks about as bored and uninterested as any I've ever seen.

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Trust me, if you ever have the same misfortune as I did to hear Crean/Kinison on their live CD versions of Bark At The Moon, Heaven And Hell, Mob Rules, Stand Up And Shout, and Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (???????), etc, your ears will hold it against you forever. I've heard alleycats on my back fence caterwauling more melodically.

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