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Furyon - Lost Salvation


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From rockngrowl.com:


UK rockers FURYON will release their second album, “Lost Salvation“, on January 26 via Dream Records/Cargo Records in UK/EUROPE. What’s to be expected is more explosive guitar riffs and solos in well-crafted song form. Expressive vocal delivery and melodies to scream along to. A possibly darker album still with progressive elements and a grungy edge. US/CANADA/JAPAN release date to follow.


Lost Salvation” was recorded in Atlanta, US and Brighton, UK and mixed and produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) & Ken ‘GL’ Lanyon. The album artwork was designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art & Design (Textures, Pentagram, Bloodbath, etc.).


FURYON recently released the ‘These For Walls‘ video, premiered by CLASSIC ROCK UK. On the current issue of Classic Rock Magazine an exclusive covermount is presented. ‘Lost Salvation EP‘ featuring 4 new tracks from the band. Exclusive review on the Album and interview bringing FURYON news bang up to date.


The terms edgy vocals, iconic riffs and jaw-dropping solos have been used to describe their sound and we couldn’t agree more. The song writing and musicianship on this record is absolutely stunning. The production is first class. The vocals are truly world class. Overall this presents a band who should expect no limits in terms of their potential success. (Rock Today UK)

They bring in levels of progressive as well as classic rock influences and have developed their own sound that will have you ready to rock in no time. (Music Junkie Press)

Monstrous modern melodic heavy rock stuff that features a massive riffing and Matt Mitchell’s superb vocal performances. (Heavy Paradise)

Their style mixes modern rock metal with a stoner tinge a la Alter Bridge through massive riffing, rock god soloing and Matt Mitchell’s laid back but soaring vocals. Striking the perfect balance between heart pounding rock and attention grabbing melodies. (Battle Helm)












01. All That I Have

02. Lost Salvation

03. These Four Walls

04. Scapegoat

05. Resurrect Me

06. Left It With The Gods

07. Good Sky

08. Dematerialize

09. What You Need

10. Wiseman



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I feel obligated to listen to this because of how much I loved Pride, but I'm not looking forward to it. Dreading it, in fact. That song does absolutely nothing for me at all.

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I find this band so, so, sooooo boring. :(


They should quit and Pride should return. At least they were worthwhile.

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