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Defying Giants - Free Your Mind EP


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Good stuff!

From FB:

Defying Giants is a poprock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Great popsongs with the sounds and feel of arenarock makes a perfect match and an exciting blend of modern meets timeless.
Martin and Ivan met at the royal collage of music in Stockholm while studying music and media production.
They both have their roots in the Swedish rock scene and with a similar taste in music and dedication to hard work they wanted to create something new together. Their first single "Wanna Go Home" is an uptempo popsong with the big orchestral strings and percussion mixed with synths and a traditional rock setup. It is a song where the simplicity of a four chord progression tangels with a playful string arrangement that just reveals more every time you listen.
They both started practicing music at an early age and the whole production of Defying Giants is done solely of the two.
A shared interest in great music and production brought the two guys together. Ivan Höglund and Martin Rhyder make a true face of the modern musician with a mixture of hard work, talent and DIY attitude.
It all starts with two guys in the studio and we'll see where it ends up...








Free Your Mind

So High

Same Old Situation

Stay Another Night

Wanna Go Home




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I liked the second song a whole lot better than the first.......the first just didn't grab me. I hear these songs and immediately think that I would just put on the new Colton Dixon CD in its place. They're ok....but nothing I would buy *and that's saying a lot* lol


But....as always, thank you for posting Stefan. I think you do an absolutely AMAZING job of keeping these forums moving and current. Rawk on!

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I just saw who your favorite band was, Stefan....no wonder I like ya!!!

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The only downfall to this disc imho is that it is only a digital release. I know the kids are doing what they can and storing all your mp3 downloads in the cloud is the wave of the future, but just not mine...


Still like the album and the communications with the band are pleasant enough!

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Great promo shot! Except for it not being great, at all.


I basically agree with Jim's assessment. Not a fan of that first song one bit at all. But I definitely dig the second one. I'll check this out.

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Sorry Stef, only just read this thread...Yeah, dig the 'Free Your Mind' and 'Wanna Go Home' tracks a lot. As mentioned, shame this is only digital as I would have invested.

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