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5 Seconds of Summer


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I was just going to post a list of my current faves of 2014 at the middle of the year soon, and have this one sitting in around the 10th spot, where it currently is. Just to let it sink it in and see if anyone noticed, or even knew who these guys were here. But I may as well just put it out there.

They are the biggest band in the world at the moment, as far as I understand it, but that probably won't mean much to you guys as it didn't to me, and they're Aussie, as am I, and I had no idea who they were or what any of their songs are. But after seeing a bunch of ads on TV I had to cater to my FOMO syndrome and find out who the f*ckballs these guys were. I'd only ever heard about them always mentioned in the same sentence as One Direction (as apparently those guys requested for this band to open for them when they toured Australia).

Anyway, musically they are nothing like One Direction, much to my surprise and then, to my glee. What we have here, is actually a pretty cool pop rock / punk band very much like Faber Drive (debut), Simple Plan, Busted (thankfully to a much, much lesser extent), Hedley (debut) and Boys Like Girls (first 2 discs). They basically sound like all the cool pop punk bands from the last few years, before most of them turned to rubbish. Which is not to say these guys are brilliant. Far from it. For instance, definitely nowhere near as good as Faber Drive, Hedley's debut or Boys Like Girls, but they're good for a style reference.

Anyway, so I checked out their EPs, liked what I heard, and as fate would have it, they released their first full length disc the very day after I heard them for the first time. Unfortunately for the debut, I believe a lot of their best songs so far are on their two EPs, but that said, there's pretty cool stuff to be heard on all their releases so far. It ain't original, it ain't different. But for what it is, it's actually pretty good and I like the dudes voice much better than most of this type of stuff, for sure. A few of my favourite songs from them so far (warning, most of them are ballads, lol): Oh, and sorry I can't do those embedded videos... just doesn't work for me:

From the EPs:




gayest video ever, but cool tune, imo:



From the album:






Loving this one off their debut full length:


Anyway, most of y'all will hate them on sight alone, but for the brave ones who dig the bands I mentioned above, check 'em out.


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Yeah mate, just 2 songs from the EPs on the full disc. The two EPs are called 'She Looks So Perfect' and 'Don't Stop' EPs. Those two songs are the first 2 on the full length disc. There's 3 other songs on each EP which are not on the debut, though.


'Heartache on the big screen' is one of my favourite of their songs, though, on the 'She's so perfect' EP.


As for what they wear, no idea, mate. It looks like they're only 12 too. :lol: But don't worry me; I just like the tunes. ;)

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And for the record, the Jap edition seems to have 8 (!!!) extra songs. 5 of them can be found on the EPs but there's 3 other new tunes. Two solid tunes, one other great ballad ('Never Be').


That 'Amnesia' song is about the frontrunner for one of my favourite songs of the year thus far... acoustic ballad and all. Just love it...

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Yeah good stuff, I must admit I was hesitant when I heard they supported one direction but yes they are a pretty cool and catchy group. Will try and get hold of the EPs as I've only heard the album.

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Yeah mate, I'll be honest. Basically haven't played anything else other than these guys for the past 2 weeks or so. Damn that stuff is catchy! With the album and the 2 EPs there's about 25 different songs, all ridiculously well produced, and all the songs I thought were cool and catchy to start with ('Amnesia,' 'Everything I didn't say,' 'Beside you,' 'Lost boy,' 'Never Be,' 'Try hard,' 'Wrapped around your finger', 'If you don't know,' 'Heartache on the big screen' and 'The only reason') are now basically the anthems of my 2014.


Even the really poppy stuff like 'She looks so perfect,' 'Don't stop,' 'Good girls,' '18,' and 'End up here' I find completely irresistible.


Just loving these guys and would never have picked it...

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Funny thing, I saw these kids on the Disney network/channel, about a week ago, can't recall the video/song, but it was catchy as all get out and I thought "Geoff sure would dig these kids." Guess I was right. :)


This is the song:


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It is a very cool catchy tune. I find the opening 'Hey' vocals absolutely annoying as hell, but I love the rest of the tune.

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