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Langhoff - Safe Distance


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Sounds promising. Something for Jez?


From Blue Desert:


West coast music with touch of everything …


If you like 3rd Matinee, Toy Matinee etc. you have to “dig into” this artist.

Langhoff is based in Aarhus, a nice cozy town in Denmark. Over the years Langhoff has been working with several music projects and as a sideman for many big acts.

Now he has dedicated his time for a solo career. Langhoff is in the final stages of recording and mixing his upcoming albumm that will be released by the end of 2013.







We Made Our Mistakes

Jesus Throught The Light


New Mexico


All Day Funny

Hollow Soul

Safe Distance


We Made Our Mistakes (Radio Edit)





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  • My Little Pony

Sounds good Stef. Download only it seems, which is a shame


What? Really? Bastard!!

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  • My Little Pony

Anybody pick this up, yet? I'd like to know what you think - primarily Jezzer - before I take the plunge.

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  • My Little Pony

It's on my list, along with quite a few other things. ;)

I'mma just take the plunge. This weekend. But I really need to stop spending money.

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    • They have released their last album and the EP before that on the Ranka Kustannus label which I believe is a Finnish label.
    • It is my pick for top release of 2022
    • Yeah, ok, all of that makes sense. I didn't realise Shiraz Lane left them. 
    • Well this is annoying. He is releasing some of these covers in a vol.1 album, but guess what, fucking vinyl only and when people keep saying on his social media "What about CD?" he keeps saying "Maybe on Vol.2" ... what is the point of having vol.2 on CD if you can't get vol.2? I don't get why artists keep shitting on CD buyers by only including vinyl for releases or for some reason cassettes. Vinyl obviously costs a lot more to produce than CDs and there are far less places available to press vinyl, so they nearly always end up delayed due to back log (remember when Adelle released her last album on vinyl and all the vinyl pressing places said "fuck everyone else, she takes priority" and other artists were all posting on social media that their vinyl release was delayed because of this). This is why a vinyl album is pretty much twice the price of a CD. Anyway, in case anyone is interested https://erik.merchants.se/en/shop.php?fbclid=IwAR2Pmidu4Hx9AkIl_4USksgWaGcA0H0D-rJZKsHkcrQmDaIPTCCXGEu9STY  
    • Well I had certainly not heard anything by Ghost but had heard of them, and as soon as I saw them I thought "Oh, they are probably some growly band or doom sounding, so prob not my cup of tea". Then when they released the Joe Elliot version of Spillways I just had to give it a listen just because of Joe, and I was blown away by how melodic it was. With it's ABBA "Money Money Money" influenced piano (from what I have found out since Forge is a big ABBA fan), and it's catchy as hell tune you don't initially even notice the lyrics are far from the upbeat style of the actual tune, which is by the looks of it the biggest gimmick with Ghost, not the image. They take dark lyrics which are not as satanic as some people will make out, and put them to generally upbeat catchy music. On the back of hearing the Elliot version, I checked out the original and initially I would agree there is very little difference, and the vocals are hard to tell apart but once I started to listen to the original version over and over, I went back to the Joe version months later and you really can hear the difference and you can hear Joe's delivery of some of the lines is different to when Tobias sings them. Anyway, I also checked out a few other songs on YouTube including Twenties from this album, and some older songs like Rats, Dance Macabre, Mary on a cross and Square hammer and loved them all. Due to financial difficulties I searched around until I found a slightly cheaper brand new copy of Impera (£8 against the £13 the likes of Amazon sell it for) and I have not stopped playing it since. Actually now have to review my top albums list from 2022 as I think this may actually now be my stand out favourite, even over Megadeth and Chez Kane. Once money is better I will start going into their back catalogue and will probably work my way backwards as from what I have heard and read, Prequelle and Meliora are more likely to be my cup of tea but earlier than that sounds like it might be more a case of acquired taste.
    • This was all fun and games, but it's getting a bit ugly now.
    • Beast In Black - Ghost In The Rain      
    • Pantera - Shedding Skin    
    • Pantera - Far Beyond Driven 
    • Universal On Switch-Govinda
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