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Richie Sambora - should I see him?


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Richie Sambora is touring Australia later this month and playing one show close to home. I like his 1st album Stranger....is he worth seeing, and does he play with a good band usually?

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I would say go see him. The guy can still sing and play the guitar second to none, despite his "issues".

I love all his solo stuff, and he will always drop some classic Jovi tunes into the set as well.

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Went to Sydney, was an awesome show.

Played over 2 hours, with a mix of solo stuff, jovi stuff, and covers.

Well worth going.

Heard Melbourne was over sold, people couldn't get in. A friend who did get in said they couldn't see any of the show at all.

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I would pay to see Sambora... I would no longer walk across the street to see Bon Jovi for free.


I'd love to sit down with Richie and talk the truth... ask him how he REALLY feels about the direction the band took starting in about 1995 and how they cater to nothing but Soccer Moms at this point.


The band Bon Jovi is nothing more than a front to pump Jon's uber left wing agenda and pompous ego now-a-days... and that sucks (for me, anyway), as I was one of their biggest fans back in the day.

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