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Sara Sucks - Ride It Hard

Dead Planet

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I gotta admit folks, it's nothing even remotely fancy, actually extremely mundane and unextrordinary, but the band name Sara Sucks, is just completely right up my alley, it rings all the right bells in my ear, thats the kind of name I would be proud to have my band represent, because in my mind, it embodys everything and all that I find supports an image and style to which Hard Rock\Heavy Metal present, it is just an all around trashy rock\metal band name, and to bring anything other then well produced, drug using, slut fucking, graveyard shift rocking Hard Rock, well it would either be a travesty, or a mockery to the basic soul of Hard Rock\Heavy Metal as I know it to be. BTW, I do not even want to check out the clip, because I'm terrified that it will never live up to it's bands name, they never do.

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Yeah, great band name. Any idea where I find this Sara? ;)


Wasn't hugely struck by the music though; it's okay, but not great.

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