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L.A. Guns Rivals Phil Lewis And Tracii Guns Reunite On Stage In Las Ve


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L.A. Guns Rivals Phil Lewis And Tracii Guns Reunite On Stage In Las Vegas

December 20, 2013

After a decade of bad blood, former L.A. Guns bandmates Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns reunited in Las Vegas to play several of their hit songs.

The reunion took place during the Sin City Sinners' annual 'Toys For Tots' gig at Count's Vamp'd in Las Vegas. Sin City Sinners' manager Jason Green was ecstatic, stating, "It wasn't easy, but the Christmas Miracle happened, as promised. Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns made a lot of people very happy tonight (including me) but most importantly, because of them performing with Sin City Sinners we collected close to 300 toys, so that a less fortunate child can have a gift on Christmas! Thank you everyone for your generosity, all of the toys will be brought to our annual Holiday show at Vinyl this Saturday and will be collected by the US Marine Corp to be distributed to the kids by Christmas."

Tracii Guns had been advertised to play the live show, but it was a complete surprise to many in attendance when singer Phil Lewis joined his former guitarist on stage for a roaring ten song set. Accompanying the duo were L.A. Guns bassist bassist Scotty Griffin, keyboardist Michael T. Ross and Sin City Sinners members Brent Muscat (guitar, formerly of Faster Pussycat) and Rob Cournoyer (drums, formerly of Raging Slab).

Tracii Guns later shared his feeling about the event. "We did something right last night -- we made people happy! We got a lot of toys for a lot of children. Phil, Brent, Rob, Scotty, Michael T, Jason Green, Danny, Vamp'd, Kevin, all the Las Vegas crew, you are amazing people and it really shows how much good people can do when they come together. The Sinners actually are saints. What a beautiful night. Long live L.A. Guns (Phil and I) and let's keep the positive energy flowing."

Mel, host of KOMP 92.3's '92 Minutes Of Hair', heard every Sunday morning from 8-10am, attended the show and sent Sleaze Roxx the following report:

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? After last night, I just might.

Sin City Sinners, known for their frequent guests, announced weeks ago that Tracii Guns would be joining them at Count's Vamp'd in Las Vegas for one of their annual Toys for Tots shows. Tracii has been a mainstay in Vegas since securing a gig as part of the Raiding The Rock Vault show. I knew I was in store for some tasty licks, but I had no idea what was to come. Days before the show, word got out that a 'special guest' would be joining the Sinners. Rumors spread, but nothing was confirmed.

Fast forward to last night as the Sinners take the stage for their usual opening set -- a mixture of rock, alternative and originals. Around midnight they announced a set change/intermission. I've been to many Sinners shows and they NEVER do this. Minutes later the curtain opens and Tracii Guns, Scotty Griffin, Brent Muscat, Rob Cournoyer and Michael T. Ross are all jamming. Three L.A. Guns members on stage together... How 'bout we make it four? Wait for it... suddenly, just as everyone had hoped, Phil Lewis takes the stage!

The feud between Phil and Tracii is stuff legends are made of. Personally, the Phil Lewis version had always been my favorite, but with the various incarnations of the two bands over the years, it was hard to keep track of WHO was in the band (Muscat himself did a brief stint with the band in the early 2000's). The two had barely spoken in years let alone shared a stage.

The set kicked off with "Over The Edge" from the 'Hollywood Vampires' CD -- an interesting choice as it's more melodic than the kick ass in-your-face rock 'n' roll most bands open with, such as "Rip N Tear" or "No Mercy", which they got to later. Still, the song reflected the mood perfectly. This was not something to be rushed, rather eased into. As I stood watching, I noticed Phil was easing into it as well. Tracii was all smiles, like a kid in a candy store, while Phil was a bit more cautious -- given their history, not too terribly surprising. As the night wore on, the two came together, with Phil even giving a rousing, "Tracii fucking Guns!" The pair even shared a microphone a few times.

I'm not sure how many toys were gathered for this deserving cause, but Vamp'd was PACKED as all of us witnessed a hair metal miracle.


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  • My Little Pony

No one cares?? :anon:


Heh, I can't say I'm an LA Guns fan, Not because I don't like them, but because I haven't really listened to them. I heard their "Locked and Loaded" years ago, but I can't recall what they sound like.

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Everyone knows my story, in 1999, at the Kber Rockfest, which was Guns, Warrant, and Ratt, it was still La Guns, with Tracii and Phil, Phil was so completely fucking bombed, he couldnt even stand up, he fell into the bass player, and knocked both of them completely off the back of the riser, he tried taking his shirt off, and got stuck inside of it, on top of all that bullshit,which probably wouldve been pretty entertaining, had he remembered the lyrics to any of the songs they did, during the second verse of Sleazy Come, he began singing the 2nd verse, then mysteriously jumped completely into Verse 1, totally spaced off during Kiss My Love Goodbye, like I mean when he is supposed to begin singing, he just looked straight into the crowed and stood there, his sunglasses made it so we were unable to tell of he was even awake or not, but yeah, they stopped in the middle of Never Enough, and completely restarted the song, had he kicked those songs out, he could've been up there blasting heroine for all I cared, and anyways, Jani Lane came out, and completely blew both Guns and Ratt out of the stadium, totally stole the show, icing on the cake, was Lane stopping at the very beginning of In The Sticks, completely shutting the band down, to warn a audience member who had just fired up a fat joint, that there were 3 pigs moving in on him, and they were smart ones to, they all surrounded him to move in, then told the audience that if everyone blazed it at once, this would be simply to many people for the cops to arrest, I was completely entertained by Lane, it was well worth the money.

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Still my favorite band and I'd love to see both forms. Always thought Tracii Guns never for the credit he deserves. The Lewis Guns is still very much one of the bands I most want to see. They played in a really small club near Munich last year but I was out of the country. One day, maybe.

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