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Toseland debut album on the way

Captain Howdy

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Toseland (featuring former Superbike racer) released their four track ep earlier this year and are now on their way to releasing their full debut album soon.

Of course it will probably annoy some here that they are going the pledge route like so many other bands at the moment, but it certainly sounds promising.

Videos for the two singles from the EP can be found in the video forum, but here is a taster of the new album, with new song Crash Landing.


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Yeah, the EP. was really good. I caught them live at a local club and they were pretty good live too. Will defo be investing.

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Album comes out on Monday, but I managed to get my signed copy on Thursday, and so far have not stopped playing it.

All four songs from the EP appear on it, although with the only difference being the piano based Renegade demo is now the full blown electric version.

You can certainly hear Jepsons influence on certain tracks, but its in no way shape or form an Little Angels sounding album.

I only bought the ep on a whim last year due to my interest being piqued by it being former World superbike champion, but loved the ep so much I even went to see them live.

For anyone who liked the ep or the singles, they will love the album as well.

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Both songs are half decent but I'm not driven to hear the album asap. I'll give it a try and see how I go. Funny he had another successful career as just looking at him it's weird. He just doesn't look like a musician. Anyway, I'll try it and hope the other songs are better than these two.

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