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Yeah bro, Ive got some deep routed suspicions about Best Buy, Circunt City, any chain store in the US, I certainly DO NOT BUY MY MUSIC FROM THEM, As I can usually find it much cheaper somewhere else, I always say, If an american chain music retailer has any CD on hand, then I can rest assured that any pawn shop, used CD exchange, swap meet, or garage sale, has it as well, the fact they sent you the completely wrong Cd's on both of them! thats just a great big indicator to go check the places I just listed 1st, Now I will bet you, the 2 discs you ordered, do not even exist in their catalog, they are probably brand new trendy bands, whom have used the same names as the good bands you were trying to get? just my best guess.

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I went to the store after work and returned them.Had no problem getting the ones I ordered.Hard to believe they would get both CD's wrong.

Not hard to believe. Customer service is terrible especially dealing with CDs either online or in store.

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One of the CD's was 5FDP-Wrong Side of Heaven.... It also includes a live CD and Best Buy had the lowest price.The other CD was The Rides-Can't Get Enough,which is a Best Buy exclusive that included 3 more songs and a DVD.

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