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Robin Beck - Underneath


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Robin Beck releases her new album 'Underneath' in August.






Samples here: http://www.robinbeckrocks.com/home.html


From Robin Beck's webiste:


"The New Album in Robin's own words:

2012 Started out with a bang! "The Great Escape" came out for starters. Then it was off to do a European Tour with

the famed "Rock meets Classic" with the likes of Jimi Jamison, Ian Gillan, Chris Thompson, and Steve Lukather.

I was truly in my glory! Then it was off to the UK to do the gig of gigs... "Firefest" in Nottingham where only the most

dedicated fans can be found gathered under one roof... and what a treat that was! About 3,000 screaming loving fans to

rock out with... This is one great big happy family!

After "Firefest" I'm off to a mini tour of my own in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, after so many years of studio

dedication and raising my daughter Olivia I finally had a night out... well make that 4 weeks out.

"2012 may have been the best career year in terms of satisfaction that I've ever had!"

Here we are and now it's 2013 and the gloves are off. The new Cd about to come out this August is just CRAZY GOOD!

I don't know how it keeps happening to me that the greatest song writers in the world just magically appear and share

their talents with me. What the hell... I must be going crazy! What did I ever do to deserve this? Thank you Karma :-)

Must be all those years of takin' it in the chin as a kid. Me and my clock radio... Anyone who's ever read my bio will surely understand.

Well enough about me lets get to the songs.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is just me all over the place. The sentiment is my life story in terms of dynamics in many relationships...

I'm a tough cookie but I gotta soft center. I'm a wrecking ball, and you're lucky that I am...

Ain't That Just Like Love

So you all know by now that me and Fiona are buds... well in honor of our budship I just had to do one of her songs.

Now we all know that she's raw energy and I really can't hold a candle to her to tell the truth... but man this song suits me...

Leave it to the woman to explain everything... this song is on a tangent to set things right...


How about I'm too tough to get hurt so screw you! No more Mr. nice guy or gal whatever!

You wanna be a heart break, but you're at worst a sprain... get it? I sure did ;-)


ahhh the title cut of the album... so telling and so intimate that it will cause projectile tears to rush from your eyes...

Is this song about me? I don't know... maybe... but then again, who isn't it about just a little bit.


Look out...there's jealousy about... that's all I'm gonna say... ladies... heads up OR OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

Check Your Attitude

Well true to form... we all gotta do that sometimes... This is about fairness in love and a no nonsense approach to honesty.

Burnin Me Down

A duet between James Christian and moi... a heart breaking saga filled with disillusion.

Perfect Storm

Rockin' the heck out of this song and letting it out... you are my perfect storm and very exciting.

You Can't Fight Love

The title says it all... you gotta give in when it's this real.

I Swear The Night

This is a fav of mine... I get to sing like a woman... and I love to be that. She's gotta do what she's gotta do and it's all good.

Follow You

25 years in the making and I'm still in love with this song. Originally done by Glen Burtnick. I did it live in 89' then again in 2012...

I just had to record it... I love that it's all about you guys."

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Excellent. A very consistent back catologue, so this I am looking forward too.

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Cool, always like her stuff and the recent discs have been good. Looking forward to it.

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Somehow I was let down by this record, maybe because Robin chose to go down the modern pop rock path instead of balancing the setlist with the 80s nuance which I think is a better thing for her. 'Ain't That Just Like Love' and 'I Swear The Nights' are perfect example why Robin should focus on her classic sound because those two are the better tunes, instead of implementing songs like 'Catfight', 'Check Your Attitude', or 'Wrecking Ball' which sounds like an Avril Lavigne left-over.


'Underneath' is a pretty safe ballad, good song, 'Burning Me Down' is also a smooth slow track too, good combo with James' vocal, but nothing's really great here except the last track, 'Follow You' might pick up a bit. Overall, production is also a little sloppy, but better than James solo. Kudos on Robin's vocal which I think is still strong despite her older age, sadly replay value for me is quite below average, maybe because of the modern thing. She somehow is trying too hard to sound youthful on this album and IMHO, didn't feel quite right. Not bad though, most songs are still listenable, but all in all, a worse album than the previous I guess.



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Yeah, this was a bit of a surprise to me too. I think it's solid enough, but definitely a little different than what you'd expect from Robin. Even though Fiona's version is far better, 'Ain't it just like love' is by far the best song on here, but I do also like 'I swear the nights' a lot too. 'Catfight' is disgraceful - the worst song I've ever heard from Robin Beck, and there's a few darker songs here than usual, which aren't necessarily bad... just not sure they work for Robin Beck personally. But yeah, overall it's okay. Around that 70% mark is about right.

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