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L.A. Cobra - How Much Snake Can You Take?


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Band Members

  • Don Cobra - Vocals and Guitar
  • John Strong - Lead Guitar
  • Jamie Gunz - Bass Guitar
  • Animal Callie - Drums


From reverbnation.com:


"Formed in November 2005, L.A. Cobra is the only Sleaze/Glam/Hair Metal band on the African Continent. They are the “Sleaze Rocking Hair Metal Stars” from Pretoria – flying the 80’s Glam Rock Flag from the handlebars of their Harleys1


Like the well-known song of Queen, “Tie your mother down, lock your daddy out of doors”, L.A. Cobra has been let loose to cause a rebellion amongst the youth with their revival of the 80’s glam era. Your daughters and sons will not be able to resist the charisma of the Cobra on Vocals, who will be spreading the venom at every gig. With raunchy guitar riffs and smooth grooving upbeat drumming, they have mesmerized their audiences. Like many have said, you haven’t been to a gig until you’ve been to an L.A. Cobra gig! On Guitar they have The Cobra himself, with the audacious Louie Lixx on Lead Guitar and on Drums, the ever intriguing Animal.


L.A. Cobra has some major festivals under their belt. They have rocked their audiences, Motley Crue-style at OppiKoppi, Splashy Fen, Aardklop, Thornfest, Motherfudd, STRAB and the list goes on and on. Their “balls to the walls” hard rock shows have brought them the honors to perform as opening act for the International Band, Blind Guardian in 2007. In 2008 Don Cobra, the leader of this notorious South African sleaze & glam outfit, shared the stage with Stealing Love Jones as opening acts for The Parlotones, One Republic and Maroon 5. When sleaze & glam met post-grunge alternative metal, the effervescent Don Cobra performed like a true snake charmer with Shaun Morgan from Seether, at Firkins and Tings & Times.


The albums, Cherry Hill (recorded …….) and How Much Snake Can You Take? (Recorded ……) was well received by L.A. Cobra fans and is still requested every day by fans locally and internationally. These two albums were self-funded and the band is currently working on their third studio album, which will be recorded at the RedRoom Recordings studio. With RedRoom Records’ involvement as the band’s management company, the services of Stuart Epps, legendary producer to Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams and many others, have been contracted. One song from the album will be produced and mixed by Grammy award winning producer, Rae Dileo, who is also known for his extraordinary work on the music for Guitar Hero. The band is currently liaising with songwriters and band members of several award winning glam rock and hair metal bands to collaborate with L.A. Cobra on their coming album. The forthcoming album is going to be world-class and really worth looking forward to.

Greetings from the Cobras.







  1. Stray Cat
  2. Paradise In Her Eyes
  3. What The Angels See
  4. Danger Danger
  5. Hot For Love
  6. Unbreakable
  7. Damn Lucky Day
  8. Whiskey High Roller
  9. Cry For Love
  10. The Final Countdown





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Not bad. Reminds me of Dirty Penny with a weaker lead singer.


Yeah, the vocalist is very weak imo.

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