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Bai Bang - All Around The World


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Bai Bang's new release 'All Around The World' out now through AOR Heaven.







1. Everybody Everywhere

2. Gonna make it

3. Crazy

4. Bai Bang

5. How about now

6. Raise your hands

7. Summertime

8. Now you´re gone

9. All around the world

10. Get it on




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Sonically, it's way better and there are some belting tunes on it, 'All Around the World' is especially excellent, but overall I would say 'Livin' My Dream' is slightly the better of the 2. A good album non the less.

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I agree with Jez. The sound production is way better but songwise, there are better songs in the prior album, however both shares similar style, and one could complement each other very well, but there's a risk that the new album might sound too samey for some if compared to the previous album. If you haven't buy their last album, I'll also recommend to go straightly to that one first, but if production is an important issue, then 'All Around The World' is a better pick.


Stronger tunes here are 'Everybody Everywhere', the mid-paced ballad 'How About Now?', the uptempo 'Raise Your Hands' is the best track here, 'Summertime' and the title track are also nice, and perhaps the last track, 'Get It On', is the weakest of em all. I'll give this one exactly the same score as the last album, and probably will buy this one later if the price is cheap.



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I have to say, I love this one. Taken for what it is, I just love spinning this, and I keep reaching for it. If you want a CD of 10 blatant rock anthems... no consideration for a good lyric or meaningful songs... just simple anthems... well, this is it.


It's basic, but very enjoyable and really catchy stuff. I agree with the above that the CD is definitely featuring a better production job this time around. It's still not perfect and pales in comparison in a year where I have never heard so many amazingly produced CDs, But it's good, and thankfully a huge improvement.


What has not been improved are the lead vocals. They are a massive weak link, but it's the kind of CD where you don't really care. All you're waiting for is the next huge anthemic chorus to jump out the speakers to sing along to. I also think the last album probably had the better songs, but this ain't far off at all, and as noted, is easier on the ears.


If you want simple anthemic rock tunes, I highly recommend this. Hard to pick a favourite track too. The first two, 'Raise your hands' and 'Now you're gone' would be my faves, with the rest chomping at their heels.


I threw an 81% at it too.

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    • For the record, I would totally check out a "Do you want to Bang your Librarian?" thread. Also, when I first glanced at this post, I thought it read, "Do you want to Bang your Libertarian?" and I immediately thought, "No way in hell does anybody here want to bang Leykis." 
    • Agree...that sounds better. Still potential here and Erik makes it listenable.    This first single could've been pretty good with a different structured chorus so hopefully other tunes are a bit better. Still not sure its going to be melodic/catchy enough for my tastes which is generally my problem with this  genre.
    • My apologies, cob, but didn't Cody say "the only thing Atheists all have in common is we do not subscribe to the myth of the deity, god or higher power, of any kind, this is it, then we are worm food, not all Atheists subscribe to the same meaning or philosophy, we don't all believe in the same science, or anything, I personally feel as though..." Sorry if I misread, but that doesn't really sound like a group that are fundamentalist in their certainty. In fact, none of that really sounded to me how you describe it.  What does intrigue me, though, is that you acknowledge that we are just a speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant... yet religious folk believe that there's a god out there somewhere and his only concern is whether this speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant follows the gospel or not? And not only this speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant, but every single other speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant that has ever existed? Of the entire universe throughout the entirety of time, all this god really cares about is whether each speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant is following the gospel. Because if not, that speck upon a speck upon a speck staring at a piece of dirt on the toenail of an elephant is sure as heck going to hell. Sounds like the type of being I'd like to devote my single human life to.  Sorry dudes, like I say, I'm not an atheist (that I know of), and I'm sure as heck not a religious man. What do you call someone who is just honest enough to admit that I don't have a clue how we started, or why we are, or what will happen when we're dead? And I also believe that no one alive now, or whom has lived before us, has these answers either. Nor will they ever have them. No matter how steadfast someone is in their belief of whatever they believe, no one will ever be able to answer, with 100% certainty, those questions. 
    • And a small but important  update. Had an MRI scan two weeks back and just before I went in for a weeks chemo. The day I was discharged the doctor who discharged me gave me the results of the MRI scan and confirmed my feelings that the brain cancer had reduced in size, so everything it seems is going to plan.
    • I'd like to think so too, but I don't think it is. But I am always weary of what's being reported in Australian media. Are we just seeing everything from the hysterical, moronic and blown out of proportion version that the Aussie media feeds us? Or are there actually things happening outside of this country that are as hysterically panic driven as they are here? From the few other things I've heard, globally, it does seem that this variant has earned it's own little slice of worldwide panic, so I guess we'll see. This Panic First, Ask Questions Later mentality that the world has adopted is honestly an (even further) embarrassment to humanity. If I didn't have children I would confess that the time has certainly well and truly come for the human race to be nuked and made extinct. I ponder how much I hated humans in 2019. It took 40 years to build up that level of hatred. I am not even kidding to say that those 40 years of built up hatred has probably doubled, if not tripled or even quadrupled in the space of the two years since. What I think of what has become of the human race in the space of two years has no words left to describe it. 
    • It is definitely flashdance. I can't unhear it now.
    • Everyone I have spoken to from cities are shitting themselves over this Omricon variant. I say to them "don't you want things to go back to normal?". But they really don't. They are loving living in a police state. I have spoken to a number of ex-prisoners as well who have similar thoughts about jail. I think a lot of people are wired to like having freedom and choice taken away from them. They enjoy having fewer options. It is bizarre to me.
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