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THE BIBLE (mini-series)

66 mustang

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DVR'd the first two parts of this. it is very well done, looks great. they do jump around a bit but that is to be expected as they would never be able to cover everything in a mini-series. Watched the first part last night. would watch the next part today but more interested in NFL free agency kickoff today and may have to take the dog to the vet.


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My 12 year old son started watching this.. I must admit, I sat right there and watched it with him. He now wants to DVR all the episodes.

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nothing exciting going on in the NFL yet. (4:00pm is the start of signing free agents) and can't get the dog to the vet till after 4 today so I'm watching part 2. GREAT stuff. if it wasn't for the title The Bible it would be more huge than it is.









Just what makes some awesome movies

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