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Nasty Bulletz - Right Time To Rock You


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New release from NASTY BULLETZ.




Artist: Nasty Bulletz

Title Of Album: Right Time To Rock You

Year Of Release: 2013

Label: Fastball

Genre: Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Glam

Total Time: 46:12 Min





1. Really Gonna Rock

2. Deal With The Devil

3. Tonight Is The Night

4. Keep Breaking My Heart

5. Girl Is Mine

6. Make Me Stay

7. Right Between The Eyes

8. Kissing You Goodbye

9. Got To Do It Tonight

10. Loaded Gun

11. First Strike

12. Rock You

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Given this one spin so far and it's not too bad at all. Not amazing, but I liked what they were doing and there was no real garbage on here. Killer hook sitting on the 'Keep Breaking My Heart' tune.

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sounds ok, but they really need a new name. sounds like a band name outta a fictional glam metal band movie.


From the name, I thought that they were going to be more of a sleaze band, which I love, but they're actually more of an anthemic party rock band, which I happen to love even more.

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I'm quite impressed with this band and maybe that's because they really revive the 80s hard rock feel and yes, while I think there's a very slight touch of sleaze, they're more of a fun and party band. The musicianship level is pretty high, the rhythm section is tight, the vocal is strong and the English pronounciation is great, and the solos also are very worthy to check out. Songwise, most of the tracks here are entertaining but if I need to pick 5 strongest tracks here, best should be 'Deal With The Devil', 'Keep Breaking My Heart', 'Girl Is Mine', 'Right Between The Eyes', and 'Loaded Gun'. Some songs has that old Motley feel, the beat and the crunchy riffs.


The only filler here I think is 'Make Me Stay' which is a ballad so perhaps they're not really a slow rock band, and couple of okay songs are 'First Strike', 'Tonight Is The Night' [sounds like a weaker Heaven's Edge style track], and 'Kissing You Goodbye'. But overall, this is a strong album, production is also very good, and will make you keep comin' back to explore the songs because it's not samey and there are lots of unusual arrangement yet still melodic to keep most of us here happy.



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