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Fuck! I just came in and discovered, I am here all alone, wtf this should never happen, we should require at least one Professor of Metal be online at ALL TIMES! I am getting anxiety, cant handle being alone, waiting, watching, wont somebodys name please pop up on the bottom, and tell me im not by myself, dont know how much longer I can take this, if nobodys on HH at all, does it still exist? is it still there? has anyone else ever had to walk the face of Harmonies alone? or am I the only one? and will I survive to tell my tell after I post this?

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There was some silly thread about this a few years ago. It was called 'And then there were 2' I believe. I used to be on the forum by myself pretty much every single afternoon when I worked in an office with access to HH.

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its kind of a trip, and yes way to much time, that Styx song was written about me

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