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Sledgehammer Ledge - The Legs Up Days


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I don't believe there's no thread on these guys, but apparently there's not. I've actually owned a collection of demos by a band called Legs Up for a long time, but never made the connection that they were the same band that went on to become Sledgehammer Ledge.


Here is a collection of songs from the days when they went by the name of Legs Up. If you like gritty, no nonsense 80's style sleaze hard rock / metal, you'll love this. No fillers at all on this one - all good stuff.





01. Let It Roll

02. Take Me To The City

03. Love or Money

04. Hell And High Water

05. Escape

06. Shootin' Up The Town

07. Drinkin'

08. Liar

09. Like A Bomb - Bang, Bang

10. Don't Walk Away

11. What I Want

12. Burn It Down

13. Wrong Side Of Town


I believe it's CDR only, but check out the songs here:



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Yeah, its a CDR. A bit pricey for a CDR. I was hoping the price might go down a bit. Its been out for awhile.


You are right that there are some good tunes on this release. Still might breakdown & purchase this.

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I always thought Legs Up was fairly stereotypical sleaze-rock with little to make them stand out from the crowd. I thought they got much better when they went for the heavier style they adopted with Sledgehammer Ledge. The Sledgehammer Ledge album still to this day gets frequent spins in my stereo but I couldn't tell you the last time I listened to Legs Up. To each their own, but from what I remember, they just sounded so run of the mill to me. Maybe it's time to dig them out and give them a fresh listen, as I've been on a bit of an oldschool kick lately.

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I checked out this band recently and like their sound, but the only songs I really like of the ones I listened to from both albums are 'Take Me To The City' and 'Lock Your Door'.

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